Slave Blood

Miya Plair's younger sister Lily gets herself into trouble with the vampires controlling their town. Only by offering herself as a blood slave Miya could buy her sister free. But how long can a human keep living with coldblooded monsters?
Forget about sweet and loving vampires - in this story they are nothing but evil monsters!


4. Chapter Four


I looked at the tall front door of oak tree. About two meters tall and massive. I glanced back at my bike. It was parked outside the enormous fence that surrounded the Mansion of the Monsters. Finally I found the strength and force myself to knock on the door. On the other side of the door, I heard the sound disappeared into the mansion. It had a dark groom to it, the mansion. Always with the curtains drowned. Maybe because of the sunlight? Like in the old legends? But if that was true how did Jovan and Mrs. Piersall get back and forth? Umbrellas? Secret underground tunnels?

The cracking of the door brought me back. Made me focus on the dangerous task before me. Do not show them fear, I reminded myself. I had to be strong for both Lily’s and my own sake.
“Miss Plair. The masters–“

“Where is she!” my interruption was with as cold a voice as Mrs. Piersall’s. The monster that had opened the door was dressed like a butler. I had seen him a couple of times downtown doing errands just like a butler back in the old days.
“With the masters in the library,” he said without getting angry about my cold attitude. I could feel something cold moving around in my stomach. Lily was here after all. Pull yourself tougher! The plan was simple: Find her, grab her and get the hell out of here!
The butler let me inside the hall. It was huge and very dark. Only lit by candles along the walls. With two words I could describe the entire house (or at lest the parts I could see in the dark): Old fashioned.
“Miss Plair!” a mature voice said out loud – all most making me jump into the chandelier. I turned to face the great stairs in the corner of the hall, “It’s so lovely you are able to join us! I’ve heard so much about you!”
Hiding his face in the shadows I could not see the who was specking. Still, I was in no doubt; he had to be Eliezer.
“Where’s my sister?” I asked again but not as cold as to the butler. I would not be fooled by a coldblooded monster acting nicely – my father had taught me better than that. Sadly I had not been able to pass that knowledge down to Lily.
Jovan walked out of the shadows at the top of the stairs with my sister in a tight grip. Her eyes were all red. She had been crying – a lot. It made my eyes burn and I had to fight myself to keep the tears at bay.
“Let her go!” I demanded but my voice cracked. Damn my stupid voice! Jovan just smiled, his fangs lighting in the dark.
“Still ordering me around? Even in my own house?” he asked with a playful voice. He knew I had no power over him here. He could do what ever he wanted and oh boy he was.
“We don’t take orders from humans–” Jovan had more to say – he always had – but was interrupted by his brother.

“No orders. But we do love a good deal,” he said with a voice full of mystic and knowledge, a voice as old as time, “Do you have anything to deal with, my dear human?”
I starred at him with all my anger; wishing it could just burn them both into dust.
“Sorry, dear. It can’t,” he said. My brows turned up in wonder but only for a second then I was all anger again. What could not what?
“Just throw her out, Eliezer! I want to play with this one,” Jovan yelled and Lily started crying again. Something inside me exploded and released an unknown feeling. Giving me the courage to rush towards the stairs. No monster was going to eat my sister! Not today, not ever! I would rip his fangs out and stop him with it! I would–
The butler stopped me. Held me in a light crib like I was just a feather and not a desperate teenage girl.
“My brother is right. No deal. No reason for you to be here. Make a deal … or leave,” Eliezer’s cold voice said above me. I felt humiliated. So very small. I wanted to cry but that would not help any of us. No I had to keep strong and get Lily out of here … NOW!
“What do you want?” I asked my voice stripped from emotions. How much was I going to pay to get Lily out of this mess?
“I don’t want money!” he even sounded offended. I heard the stairs yield under his weight. He was coming closer!
The closer he got the more lights were turned off. He did not want to show himself to me. Even thought he stopped right next to me, I could not see the slightest part of his face. I felt his breath to my ear. Just a few millimeters next to it he whispered: “I want blood.”
Of course. He was a monster. All he thought about was feeding and killing. This was just a game. A funny way to get a free meal.
“Fi–” he stopped me.
“You need to know all the details before accepting. Maybe you see me as a monster. Maybe you’re right? But I’ve always been a fair dealer,” I doubted every single word coming from his mouth. Since when had monsters been fair? What a joke!
“We don’t feed on any human. They have to have the right blood type … and the right age,” he stopped and I knew he wanted me to tell him. I hesitated when a thought came to me.
“What if I’m not… right?” I asked suddenly realising how little I had to deal with.
“Then there’s simply no deal,” even thought I could not see him. I knew he was smiling at me in the dark. Creep!
“O and 18,” I answered.
“Lucky you,” he said with no emotions attached to his words, “Your sister can leave.”
“Eliezer!” Jovan yelled but he still took his hands off Lily. She ran to me and we headed straight for the door. Lily was out first but when I was about to join her, hands pulled me back inside.
“Miya!” Lily yelled from outside. Tears running down her cheeks as she was about to enter the mansion again. She could not! She was out and she had to stay out! I had to stop her!
“Run Lily! Run! Tell dad!” I yelled. I could not let the monsters take her a second time. I could not!

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