Sky was an ordinary girl intill she walked home in the dark she gets bitten but by what read to find out.


2. What's wrong with me where am I


I opened my eyes and sat up big mistake "ahh" I said holding onto my head feeling a huge pain traveling for my body I looked at my surroundings to see I'm in an alleyway " what when did I get here" I mumbled I searched my brain for any memory of the night before but found nothing I groaned rubbing the side of my neck I excepted to feel my smooth skin but their was two little scars I was confused in till it all came back the dark the man and the kiss I put my hand on the wall and stood up big mistake I clutched my throat with my right hand feeling a burning pain at the back of it the pain didn't stop but grew more I flung my other hand over my mouth feeling a pain bigger then my throat it felt like my gums were getting ripped to pieces I slowly made my way out of the alleyway to see thousands of people walking the streets of London I smelt something delicious "mmmm" I hummed I walked onto the pathway but before I could do anything I felt someone bump into me I looked at them feeling the hunger grow I looked at them to see a woman about in her mid 30s my eyes turned to her neck I felt a weird pull trying to get me closer to her what's wrong with me I quickly moved my eyes away from her and carried on walking trying to avoid from jumping on every single person because of the crave for food gets stronger every time I'm near them I was close to a neighbour hood know as the rich street I started walking down it put stopped when I saw a girl only about 15 fall over when she stood up she had blood all over her knees and hands I licked my lips but I felt something weird on my teeth I moved my fingers to my teeth and felt two long fang like teeth sticking out I looked back up and realised that the girl was at least at end of the street which is about 5ks maybe she walked I thought but no she was still in the same position as she was when I first saw her I looked at her more closely and it was like she was in front of me the blood on her hands was starting to drip I felt something come over me and before you know it I'm running towards her I was there in seconds I jumped at her and bit into her neck sucking her blood WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME I shouted in my head I wanted to pull back but I couldn't I could hear her heartbeat getting weaker I felt my self be pulled of and flung into a wall I would of screamed but I didn't because It didn't hurt I looked up at who did it to see five dudes surrounding me in the alleyway with the girl lying on the ground barley breathing I only just realised what I did I felt the fangs go away and a tear slipped my eye the boys looked at me and one looked shocked and came flying at me and held me against the wall the rest of the boys stood next to him " what are you doing Harry " the one with black hair asked "she's meant to be dead I killed her how is she alive " oh so he's the fucker that did this to me "let go of me " I growled no longer feeling sad I pushed him off only expecting him to move a few feet but oh how I was wrong he flew into a car parked out side the alleyway  wow where the fuck did that come from I said to myself the Harry dude stood up and looked at me he came running at me with some type of super speed just like I did his eyes changed colour they went red and fangs came out of his mouth he came flying at me but got held back by the other boys "what's wrong with me" I said they all looked at me "we need to explain" 

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