Sky was an ordinary girl intill she walked home in the dark she gets bitten but by what read to find out.


4. Explanation and rampage

"Explain?" I say "I just killed someone!" I say now yelling,  they sighed before making sure no one was listening

"we're vampires" birth mark said (Liam) I look at them in disbelief. Vampires aren't real, right?  

"Yeah and im Demi Lovato" I say rolling my eyes, hoping they were just playing some kind of sick joke.They looked at me confused

"what?" the black haired one said (zayn)

"I thought we were saying things that aren't true" I respond, they just looked at me.

"we're being serious"  Harry said I should really ask what their names are because I only know Harry's

" it's true we are vampires" "And now that you've fed-" the Irish one starts "So are you" he finishes. I sigh, I guess it kinda does make sense considering the hunger for blood the speed the vision the senses. One thing I don't get it, why me?
" but why me why did you have to turn me out of all people" I finally ask.
"I wasn't meaning to turn you " Harry said I focused on him
" what so you were meaning to kill me?" I ask, Harry nods, not caring
"wow, I sure feel the love" I said slightly annoyed from the look on Harry's face, I honestly don't think he even cares about killing someone.
" and now because of Harrys stupidness, we have to keep you here" the black haired one said "Though, if you would rather, I would be happy to kill you" I looked at him in shocked, what did I ever do to him?
"nah I would rather be a vampire then dead " I say avoiding eye contact. I really do need to ask for her names.
"um what's your names" I asked I kinda feel stupid for not asking earlier 
"I'm Liam thats Louis" he says pointing to the one with brown hair and blue eyes. " That's Zayn," He says pointing to the one that apparently wants kill me "Harry and Niall" Liam said pointing to each of them, I slightly nod.
" I'm skyler but you can call me sky" I said everything was slowly processing into my head 

"Their is one rule " Liam says, I sigh of course theres rules.
"You are not aloud out of the house " Niall said I looked at them angry.First they take away my life and now their taking away my freedom hell no 
"I'll go out if I want to " I snapped annoyed because they don't control me 
"No you won't" Harry butted in, a vampire like hiss escaped my mouth 
"I will go when I want with or without your permission " I growled seriously can't they just let me have freedom
"you will not go anywhere and if you do I will hunt you down" zayn growled,it  scared me the most because it wasn't just a warning growl it was a threatening growl. I was about to nod when I smelt something close by I could feel my gum stretching it didn't bother me this time because I'm used to it. Zayn noticed my change in mood and slowly walked closer to me in the dark alleyway. He was inches away from grabbig arm when I snapped my head up to face him. I hissed and before the boys reacted I went at my inhuman speed toward the smell, once I reached the destination of where the smell lead me to, I looked around.

I was standing in the middle of a street, I have no idea what's it called because theirs no signs, and  thank lord I can see in the dark because the sun was setting. I started walking around a corner I saw something that disgusted me to the point I wanted to vomit. Their was a women pushed up against a wall with a man squished up against her I used my vision to take a closer look the women was try into get out of the mans grip while the man was kissing all around her neck. I run towards them, once I was there I ripped the man off of her and dug my fangs I to his neck I felt blood that couldn't fit in my mouth trailed down my chin but not matter how hard I tried,  I couldn't stop, I bit down harder drinking more in a matter of seconds I felt his body go limp I dropped him to the ground and turned to where the lady was but she wasn't there she was running down the road. I chuckle as I use my speed to catch up with her. I grabbed her but she wouldn't stop struggling I growled and looked at her she was staring into my eyes 
"Stop bloody moving" I growl. I don't know what happened but she stopped and stood still 
"I will stop moving" she repeated I looked at her shocked I've seen this on vampire diaries lets see if it acually works.I look deep I to her eyes
" you will not scream " I say as a smirk forms on my face.
" I will not scream" she repeated. I smirked before digging my fangs into her neck I squeezed her arms holding her up. I feel her heart rate slowing down so bit harder i kept drinking till she went limp.I dropped her like I did with the other one I looked up and saw a couple walking across the street I started walking towards them when I felt something being jabbed into my back I hissed feeling weak I took a quick look at who did it, before seeing a girl with long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. 
"you've been a bad girl" she said before twisting my neck, my eyes closed instantly.




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