I knew you when

Maria and Niall have been best friends since daycare. What happens when Niall auditions for the X-Factor and Maria moves to the US? Will they find each other or will Niall forget his bestfriend?


3. Chapter 2


Nialls POV


"Hey mate you ok?" asked Zayn "Yeah im fine..Just thinking." I replied. In all honesty I'm not okay at all. I keep thinking about Holly and how rude she is to my fans. A couple fans came up to me and showed me what she said and they showed me the scars on their wrists because of Holly. Some tweets read 'Go die Niall will never like you because he is still in love with me' and 'You really think Niall would like a fat ass like you? How about no. Go kill yourself!'

I'm getting fed up with everything. "Niall come on, we have to rehearse the show is tomorrow and I want it to be perfect." Liam says. He's the Daddy Direction so he wants to make everything great and in order. "Yeah, I'm coming." Well time to get this over with.

We first started out by singing 'Live While We're Young' 'Best Song Ever' 'Little Things' 'Moments' 'Midnight Memories' and we finished off with 'Story of my Life'

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