I knew you when

Maria and Niall have been best friends since daycare. What happens when Niall auditions for the X-Factor and Maria moves to the US? Will they find each other or will Niall forget his bestfriend?


2. Chapter 1

"Bailey!!!! Please! No one else wants to go!" I screamed over the phone to my best friend Bailey "Maybe because its One Direction and no one wants to go to their concert, since they are gay." Did I forget to mention that shes a Directionater. I have no idea how we are friends we are competley the opposite of each other. "I guess you dont wanna see Jet Li(Justin Valles from Poreotics; season 5 ABDC winners) "YOU MENTIONED NOTHING OF THIS BEFORE!!! I SHALL COME!!" I can practically see her jumping around in her room from excitement. "Oh we also have backstage passes and meet and greet tickets..We are also in the front row!"

"WHAT?! WHEN IS THIS CONCERT?" she screamed. I think this girl will be the cause of me going deaf. "Tomorrow! So we should go shopping for new clothes to impress Niall and Jet!"

"Ok! Call me tomorrow!"

"Will do! Bye Bailey!" Well tomorrow should be.. eventful.

"Hey Maria why did I hear screaming coming from in here?" My sister, Sam asked. "Oh I told Bailey about the concert, did you decide if you wanna come or are you going with Brandi to hang out with her and Kendall since he's in town for his tour?"

"I am going with Brandi, I love ya sis but.. No," she started to walk down the hall when she screamed "Sorry!" before shutting her bedroom door. Then our 3 legged dog Buster came in my room and sat on my lap. "Oh gosh Butters what are we going to do with her?" I asked while scratching behind his ears. After Buster jumped on my bed I went to go get into pajamas. Then i put my long messy brown hair up into a bun and brushed my teeth, then I took my contacts out. I checked the time on the clock it read '12.35am' After I finshed everything I hopped into bed with Buster and went to sleep.



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