You and I

Inseparable, glued together, never apart.
Love each other to pieces, and never wanting to let each other go.

What happens when things start spiralling downhill after an accident?
What happens when Kat has to leave Zayn behind and carry on with her future?
Will things fall apart or be inseparable, like they planned from the start?


2. The accident

A month and a bit later.

'Hey Kat wanna hit the court later this afternoon?' Alex says through my phone while I muck around my room, standing on my chair, jumping on my bed, you know, random things.

'Sure, what time?' I turn my head slightly to left to look and my alarm clock on the bedside table.


'Wait, sorry Alex, I have to pick up my brother from school. I'm already late,... Meet you there in a half ok?'

I hang up without waiting for her reply and grab my jacket and pull a grey beanie over my head of blonde hair. Why can't dad just pick him up? I mean, it's a teacher only day at my school but dad normally picks him up so why not now?

I close the door to my warm house and walk down the steps to the snowy path, towards James' school.

I'm about half way when my phone rings. I check the caller ID; Zayn💕

'Hey Babe'.

'Hey Kit Kat, I was just wondering if you're still on for tonight?'

'Oh shoot, I totally forgot! Yeah I'll be there, dad will let me go. I don't know about mom though. If I can't go Ill text you ok?'

'Sure. Anyway what are you doing now?'

'Uhmm.' I crane my neck to see further down the road.

'Im about another five minutes till I reach James' school. I'm picking him up today, I hope I'm not too late.'

'Babe don't worry, I'll pick you up. Wait are you walking! Kat it's like 0 degrees! I'm definitely picking you up now! I'll meet you at his school in 2.' The line goes dead. Typical Zayn to worry. But still, it's sweet of him.

I turn the corner and walk through the school gates towards the reception. I open the door and immediately feel warmer.

'Hello?' A lady at the front desks says in a grumpy voice.

'Uh Hi, do you know what class James West is in?'

She slowly moves her gaze away from studying my face to her computer, and starts furiously typing. Her face was screwed up in the funny like rat like pose. It was hard to contain my laughter..

'Room 24. You're a bit young to be a mother you know.'

By that point I had started giggling like a mad little girl.

'James is my brother! Thank you very much! Now could you please direct me the way to room 24?'

'Oh. Sorry, down the hall and to the left. You'll see a big sign.'

'Thanks.' I say still in giggles. Why would she think I'm his mother? I'm only 17.. Well, 18 in a few weeks.

I walk down the hall, turn left and see a big sign saying "ROOM TWENTY FOUR". I sit down on the little bench outside the class and wait for the bell to ring. I guess I'm a faster walker than I thought. A few minutes go by and finally the bell rings. I standup and walk to the other side of the hall, knowing I'm about to be trampled by kids.

I was right.

About 50 kids run out of the little room screaming their heads off. It was quite cute but a little loud. I spot James' head among the kids and tap on his shoulder. He turns around with a big grin but when he sees me his face falls.

'What don't like you're big sister?' He shakes his head, grabs his backpack and runs out, down the steps and outside.


I run after him, saying sorry a bit to many times after running into about 6 kids.

I push open the doors and see Zayn waiting in his car he sees me and smiles. I whip my head around, searching for James. The snow was about four inches thick now and you couldn't tell the road from the footpath. Suddenly Zayn shouts something I can't hear and looks down at the road a bit I front of him. A cars coming down the road and Zayn gets out of the car yelling at him to stop. What's going on? I run down the steps and suddenly see something moving in the snow. James, making snow angels, in the middle of the road.


The car Zayn was trying to stop took no notice of him or James and sped up, trying to get away from Zayn.

James gets up and sees the car hurtling towards him but he isn't fast enough. No this can't happen,...

I rush out in front of him, giving him time to get up and move... While I get hit with impact so big, I swear I heard something crack in my leg. I fall to the ground and try to look around. My leg hurts like hell and black spots are appearing in my eyes. Everything's getting quieter and quieter. The last thing I hear is 'Kat!' By both Zayn, and James...

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