Save me-a harry styles fanfic

Harry, wasn't a jock. He was strong, had a little muscle...pretty damn hot! No one ever noticed him.. if they did it was because he was called on in class or he was shoved down.. until one day the new girl named, Emmy changes everything... one little problem. How can the captain of the cheer team be with the school's "ghost"?


4. That date tho....

Emmy's POV-

I was nervous... tonight Harry is taking me to see Paranormal Activity! I threw on a T-shirt that said 'hope', a pair of skinny jeans, my combat boots, and my grey cardigan. My hair was n loose waves and I had on a little makeup:foundation, powder, mascara, and chap stick. 

E: I'm ready when ever you are.

H: Be there in 15, xx c u.

I smiled!


~Harry's POV

I saw it was 7:00 and the movie stared at 7:45, I already showered this morning so I threw on a T, a flannel, and a thick jacket. I sprayed on cologne, and then I got a text.

'Emmy:D' flashed on my screen;

E:Ready when ever you are.

H: Be there in 15, xx cu.

 I hopped in my car a drove down the block turned left and bam...everything went black. 


Emmy's POV-

I saw Harry's car turn the corner. Right at that moment another car ran a stop sign and t-boned harry's car. "NO!!" I kept screaming while I rushed to his car. The other man drove away, pussyhole. I called 999 right away. "Hello, 999 how may I direct yo-" "MY FRIEND JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR, HELP ME!!" "Ma'm where are you?" I told her my address and in to time an ambulance was right there. They got him out and out him on a stretcher. "Mmm" he groaned in pain. I sighed in relief he was alive! "Ma'm, do you know him?" I nodded, speechless."Did you make this call?" This time I found my voice, "Yeah..." He had me ride with Haz to the hospital.



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