Save me-a harry styles fanfic

Harry, wasn't a jock. He was strong, had a little muscle...pretty damn hot! No one ever noticed him.. if they did it was because he was called on in class or he was shoved down.. until one day the new girl named, Emmy changes everything... one little problem. How can the captain of the cheer team be with the school's "ghost"?


2. School flow

Emmy's POV-

It was cheer captain try outs today and I was confident that I would make it.

~~~skipping tryouts, lilt did make captain!!~~~

I was sooo happy I made cheer captain!


~~Harry's POV~~

I was on my way to third hour and I spotted a the cheer captains uniform. She looked very happy to be the captain until a jock went over to her and clearly tried to 'hook up' with her. Which only met to get in her pants as much as he could.

I knew I wasn't 'cool' but I am not going to lie. I'm pretty well built.


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