Save me-a harry styles fanfic

Harry, wasn't a jock. He was strong, had a little muscle...pretty damn hot! No one ever noticed him.. if they did it was because he was called on in class or he was shoved down.. until one day the new girl named, Emmy changes everything... one little problem. How can the captain of the cheer team be with the school's "ghost"?


3. Save you

Harry's POV-

I wasn't planning on doing it but I did it. I beat that jock so hard he had to go to the hospital. She looked so uncomfortable. I got off the ground and wiped the fresh blood from my lip."Hey, thanks....erm, Harry?" "Yeh, it's Harry, no problem... I usualy don't do things like that. You looked uncomfortable." She laughed, "yeah.. hey, Harry maybe we can see a movie sometime. You're pretty cool yah know." I froze, girls like her don't hang with "the schools ghost". "Sorry, uh.." My name is Emmy" she giggled, it was so cute. "Well, sorry Emmy I can't. Girls like you, popular, can't hang out with me.." her face dropped. She gave me an I don't care look, her number, and a peck on the cheek.


Emmy's POV-

That guy, Harry..oh god he looks so perfect. His hair, deep raspy voice...his green eyes..

I honestly don't care if girls on the cheer team don't hang out with guys who aren't noticed that much, he was fucking hawt! I gave him my number. I just hope he texts me.


~~Later harry's pov at his house~~

Well Emmy did give me her number..I don't want to be rude, plus she is really nice, and attractive.

H=me E= Emmy

H: Hey, this is harry

E: Oh, hey need a nickname:D

H: Like what? :P

Wow she can make anyone smile!

E: How about....Hazza?

H:Hazza? Thats cool!

E: Lol now I gotta put you in as Haz or Hazza on my phone!
H: Okay, about seeing a movie...want ti see Paranormal Activity;the marked ones?

I hoped for a yes..

E:....Uh, I guess. I'm kinda scared of movies like that..

H:I'l hold you;)

Wow I wish I hadn't said that..

E: Okay, listen I have to go it's late. see you at school, Hazza<3

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