Save me-a harry styles fanfic

Harry, wasn't a jock. He was strong, had a little muscle...pretty damn hot! No one ever noticed him.. if they did it was because he was called on in class or he was shoved down.. until one day the new girl named, Emmy changes everything... one little problem. How can the captain of the cheer team be with the school's "ghost"?


5. in the hospital..

Harry's POV- I woke up to beeping and talking. I opened my eyes to see Emmy in the corner with a doctor talking about my health and shit. Why am I here tho? "Mmm" I groaned to let them know I was awake. Emmy and the doctor(she is a female doctor) came to my bed side. "How do you feel Mr. Styles?" she asked in a seductive tone while putting her hand dangerously close to my dick. Emmy looked kind of mad and a little jealous at this action, what the hell? "I'm fine, thanks..." I said while shaking her hand of my leg to make Em relax. (I got tired of typing emmy so it's gonna be em now m'kay bitches?! luv u:D) "Ms. Emily-" "Emmy" she corrected,"Ms. please leave I have test to do.  Oh shit. She walked out and walked away, I wanted to chase after her but before I could I was being straddled by the hurt on my fucking broken legs. "FUCK" I yelled at her. "Calm down baby boy, I wanna ride you all day lo- she was cut off by loud sobbing. I looked over at Em in the corner of the room, she was crying. "S-sorry to interrupt....I needed my p-p-purse." She walked out with her purse and left. Shit, no. I knew she liked me, that's why she didn't care if I was the 'school's ghost'. 

"Get off, I want you off, HELP" I yelled. In no time Em was back this time with a male doctor to help get this horny one off of me. "Emmy, wait! Please don't leave. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU" I yelled after her as she waled out. She turned and..

dammit guys I have home work, sorry guess you will have to wait and find out what happens!

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