Save me-a harry styles fanfic

Harry, wasn't a jock. He was strong, had a little muscle...pretty damn hot! No one ever noticed him.. if they did it was because he was called on in class or he was shoved down.. until one day the new girl named, Emmy changes everything... one little problem. How can the captain of the cheer team be with the school's "ghost"?


1. First day as a Junior-

Harry's POV--

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring as loud as possible into my ear. I quickly hit snooze and hop into the shower, yes I sleep naked...

~~~~10 mins later~~~~~~

I got out and combed through my curly hair. I dressed casual...sprayed on come cologne and laced up my kicks.


Emmy's POV-

I woke up to the sweet sound of my mum's voice, she shook my lightly and put my waffles on the end of my bed. I slowly sat up and started to eat them. I showered last night so I didn't need to eat fast. I hopped out from under the covers and dragged my feet to my HUGE walk in closet. I threw on something cute: a light blew under shirt placed below my transparent lacy crop top, I had on normal short shorts that had rips and were also light blue. I tied my hair in a messy bun, covered my pimples, swiped on eye-liner, and whipped on my mascara. "Hurry up, darling!" my mum shouted from down stairs. I sprayed on, 'Forever Red' grabbed my bad and rushed down the stars. "Wow, mum! First day at, Cheshire High!!"


~~~@ school and Harry's POV~~~

I walked threw the cold glass doors of the school. I checked out all my books, got my locker combination and number. I had my schedule in my hand and walked down the hall to my first class, Math god how I hated math!


Emmy's POV-

I was about to open the doors until some cute boy with thick framed glasses held it open for me. "Thanks" I said, "no problem", he replied quietly. I checked out all my book and other necessary things I would need. I headed to Math for first hour. UHG! 

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