teen wolf/ teen vampire

one direction arent famous
lilly:(liams little sister) vampire and wolf mix
grace:(zayns littke sister) wolf
they are normal teenagers with a deep secret. rhey are the schools wierd kids quiet and dont talk much but once you get to know them they are loud and fun. they live alone but together as a family. they soon recive letters and signs form the purebreeds the wiset ones there are but rhey arent the rulers. the purebreeds want to teach them about their past. they are hunted, feered, and helped by the most unexpected people. they all have special abillites but they are the only gifted ones


1. meet the pack

Lillys point of view

wass up well im the youngest of the pack witch is weird but im also the sister of the leader liam. i have black hair witch i dye diffrent colors all the time. i have drark brown eyes like my big bro and im a half wolf half vampire. i have tatooes and peirceings and small gages. how did that happen i have no fucking idea. liam is my only family and we love eachother. i can bring people pain and tourtue and i can influence the elements since were the only onece with powers the purebreeds say we might get more ass we mature wich will never happen. thats it DUCES.

liams point of view

oh hey im liam and thats my little sister im a wolf and i have brown hair and dark brown eyes. i can read minds of people. i only have my little sister she is annoying but i love her i know we annoy eachother we ALL do but were a family. im also the leader of the pack cause im the most mature. and i have tatoos BYE

garces point of veiw

im grace i have really dark brown hair and brown eyes im like lilly loud annoying to my big bro zayn and hes all i have that blood family. i dye my hair different colors and i have tatooes and peicings. i can i have the power to relese toxic black vapor through my hands so i have to were gloves. um thats it. HOLLA FO A DOLLA

zayns point of view

i have black hair dark brown eyes am quiet and i have tatooes. i have a lil sis grace my only blood family and im a wolf. i seduce people to do what ever i want but it only works on other not the guys. thats it i dont have much to say.

harrys point of view

im harry i have brown curly green eyes that change to red and golden like everyone else. im the flirt of the group whatever that means and im a vampire i have the ability to create and use lightning and electrycity through my body. i have tatooes. thats it oh and i have a crush on lilly liams little sister and i cant have her cause she i the youngest and is the leaders little sister.

nialls ´point of view

hey im niall i have blonde hair and blue eyes im a vampire and i can heal people and im the inoccent one cause i dont have tatoos and well im inoccent. thats it for me im not that social but i am loud

louis´ point of view

im the loud and crazy one along with lilly. i have brown hair and blue eys im a wolf and im also the oldest but most immature. i can tell when people are lieing exept for lilly,zayn, liam and grace the group of siblings. and well thats it bye

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