Not good enough

A girl name Hannah Williams(Ana for short) is in love with her long time friend Niall horan but doesn't know how to say it and someone gets in the way but it affects her life in a big way.


5. On Tour-oh no.

< BACKGROUND INFO: the boys and Hannah graduated high school. The boys became one direction and Hannah is now a professional fashion stylist at FIDM. Favorite and wait for this chapter to come out soon:)!>

A year passed I graduated high school and got into my dream college FIDM to major as a fashion stylist. I was just a freshmen but got a internship to be a fashion stylist for 5 boys on tour for their biggest tour yet, I was excited to go around the world and doing what I loved but I didn't exactly know who the boys were. I was nervous for some reason, after the big fight I had with Kayla before the school dance I made a lot of new friends and went to the school dance with Harry. Harry and I still keep and touch, he told me about how he sings now and how they got pretty big around the world. But basically I was never nervous but this time I was. My phone rang and it was Harry!, I answered:

Me: hey harrrrrrry!

Harry: hi love! Guess what!

Me; what?!?


Me: our who else is there?

Harry: me,zayn,Liam,Louis, and em.. Niall

My heart dropped to the floor when he said Niall... I was far over Niall but I still felt the hurt and anger in me.

Harry: hello? Ana you there?

I awoke from my daydreaming and answered Harry

Me: oh yeah! Sorry!. Um yay! Well I think I'll see you all tmrw ! I can't wait! Bye Harry.

We both hung up and I just ignored the fact that I was going to see Niall tmrw the boy I was so in love with for over maybe 7 years? Yeah I was gonna see him tmrw and my heart was beating really fast.

The next day came and I packed my suitcases, got picked up by the boys driver and got to the hotel where the boys were staying well where "one direction" was staying, that's the boys band name. I got all my things from the car trunk and was surrounded by paparazzi, they probably heard the boys were staying here. After I got through them I called Harry for the room number and he told me to just press the button that said "pent house". I got to the pent house moments later. I opened the door and there he was, I stood there like an idiot in love! I forgot about how good Harry looked as the sun hit the side of his face, oh you thought I was talking about Niall? Oh no no no. Then he walked in Niall with his perfect blonde hair and pressed red shirt. I didn't make any eye contact to him. No one noticed me because the tv was loud and everyone was talking. But once I said "HEY EVERYONE! I'm hereeeee!" All the boys turned around and yelled "HANNAH! " they got up and hugged me. I smiled and let go as they did too, I felt so excited to be around them. Niall came up to me and said "hey.." I looked at him and just smiled and hugged him, I was still mad about before but relieved because I got to see him, I just wanted him happy. Niall looked at me and just smiled then Liam and him brought my bags to my room, I plopped myself on the couch next to Louis and zayn, they were watching some cartoons. I was kind of dozing off for a bit, until a knock came to the door, I opened my eyes and looked towards the door it was the boys tour manager Paul, he greeted me and told all the boys and I to pack up because we were going to London to start off the tour.

The boys, the crew and I got to the airport, I was walking aside Harry who was holding my arm while paparazzi snapped pictures of us and yelled out "Harry! Nice girl you got there!" Harry looked back at the paparazzi and said " yeah I...." Niall interrupted Harry and said " they aren't dating ! Hush!" And walked on the side of me. I looked at Niall and it seemed like he was jealous I giggled a bit and got into the plane.

Hours later we got to London, it was the boys first gig and kind of also mine. I was nervous working with other stylist that had much much more experience than me but I guess I had to suck it up.

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