Not good enough

A girl name Hannah Williams(Ana for short) is in love with her long time friend Niall horan but doesn't know how to say it and someone gets in the way but it affects her life in a big way.


4. Jealously and Betrayal

After a long night I was awaken by the bright sun peaking through my windows. I slowly reached for my phone on the night stand and checked my text messages, I unlocked my iPhone, 4 text messages from Harry popped up,I looked at my phone confusingly because Harry never texted me before... But the texts said:

Harry: hey thanks for coming tonight

Harry: it was great chatting with you.

Harry: I bet you're asleep, em I can't sleep hah. Xxx

Harry: well em good night darling see you tmrw at school.(: xxxx

I kind of smiled at this point... Harry was so sweet and I never really heard anything bad about him but I didn't want to seem like I was a "homie hopper" I didn't want it to seem that I liked him and not Niall anymore, but Niall never liked me so hanging out with Harry would be fine. After reading Harry's text messages I replied back with:

To:Harry from:Hannah

Hey good morning Harry! Thanks for last night it was so fun!(:

I got a instant reply that said:

Harry: hey love! You're welcome !(: xxx

I smiled and put my phone on my night stand. I fixed my bed and got ready for school. I decided to change up my style a little and picked out some high waisted light wash jeans and a crop black sweater and some white converse. As I got ready the school bus honked it's horn, my brother and I ran straight out the door not even grabbing some breakfast.

I got to school at the same time has Harry because as I walked to open the school doors he was right next to me smiling and being cute as a button !.

Harry: hey Hannah! Good morning !

Harry said with a smile on his face.

Hannah: hey Harry!! You too.

We started to get closer and closer as our convo got kind of interesting Niall was trailing behind us trying to talk to Harry and I but to me it felt like Harry and I were the only ones in the hall way, i never felt this before...

Niall's POV

I got to school and saw Harry and Hannah walking down the hall, wow Hannah was looking beautiful today with that smile on her face!. I smirked a bit and ran after them, I was trying to stop Harry and Ana but it seemed like they were just ignoring me. I felt a sudden rage run through my body, I never felt like this before.. I was jealous of Harry talking to Hannah, that should've been me ! Not him.

Hannah's POV

*bell rings* Harry and I had the same class so we just walked with each other to class and Niall was also in our class so you could see him trail behind us....

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*back to the story*

I took my seat and so did Harry and Niall. I took out my notebook and pen and just listened to the teacher.

Nialls POV

I looked over at Harry and I caught him staring at Ana, I hit his arm and said "she's a beaut huh?" Harry smiled and said "yeah man she's something else." I felt like hitting him so badly something inside of me made me so mad ! I looked at Harry and said "so you like her?" Harry looked at her and looked back at me and said " I think more mate". I just looked down at my desk as a tear ran down my left cheek I couldn't take this feeling in my body anymore, I needed to tell Ana how I felt before Harry did and a few days before the big dance was just perfect!

Hannah's POV

The class bell rang to go home so I packed all my things in my leather backpack and walked out of class. I was stopped by Niall, he looked at me and said " hey we need to talk." I saw Harry coming our way but Niall and I was already walking towards the parking lot, so i turned around and said "Harry I'll text you!" Harry smiled and said " haha okay darling ! Bye Ana! Bye Niall!" Niall turned around waved bye. We walked to the parking lot where the school bus picks me up and Niall turned to me, his blue eyes were shining in the sun, he just looked perfect it even made me smile. His mouth opened and he said "okay so Hannah I like you. A lot.. I just didn't wanna hold it in anymore." I looked at him and said " wow I ......" I heard a familiar voice in the back of me and I turned around, it was Kayla .. She pushed me to the side and grabbed Niall's face and kissed him slowly, I thought Niall was going to stop her but he kept going.. I couldn't stop looking at them kissing, my vision suddenly got blurry and tears ran down my face. I couldn't believe Kayla was doing this to me ! My best friend ! Why..why.. I turned and ran back into the school.. Harry was by his locker with John. I ran to them and said " Kayla ... Kayla kissed Niall!" John looked at me and said " what! She no! Ana no!". "Yes John! She kissed him! Right in front of me." I said. Harry and John both hugged me. As they pulled away Kayla touched my back and made me turn around. I looked at her and said " get away you aren't my friend anymore!" Kayla grabbed my arm and said "I'm sorry! I ended to show you how much of a player and jerk he was !" As I started to walk away with Harry I turned around and looked at Kayla and said " no you showed me how much of a jerk YOU are." And walked away. I never wanted to see her face ever again! I didn't care anymore about her. I was just frustrated and mad. Harry walked home and I caught the school bus, I felt my phone vibrant and it was a text from Niall:

Niall: I'm sorry Hannah! I didn't know she was gonna kiss me... I'm sorry..

I replied and said

Hannah: yeah sure Niall you could have stopped her but you didn't!.

Niall replied instantly

Niall: no Ana please stop, I'm sorry I really do like you!

I looked at my phone and just replied with a simple "bye". I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I just wanted to graduate and move off to college.

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