Not good enough

A girl name Hannah Williams(Ana for short) is in love with her long time friend Niall horan but doesn't know how to say it and someone gets in the way but it affects her life in a big way.


3. invited-party

Later that day I was basically alone because Kayla and John thought I was mad at them, but I honestly wasn't I was just bummed. The lunch bell rang and I walked to my locker to put a couple books away. As I opened my locker a warm hand touched my back I turned around and it was Harry styles, his eyes connected to mine, he was one of nialls best friends and the 2nd hottest guy in Eastwood High. I just looked at him and he started talking "em hey Hannah! I'm having a party tonight and em I would love it if you came!" He smiled and winked at me. I looked at him confused and just said "um can I bring Kayla and John?", " yeah of course!, see you tonight!" He said and walked away. I turned back to my locker and closed it, down the hall I saw Kayla and John. I trailed after them and said "Kayla! John! Hold up." They stopped and smiled. As we walked to the lunch room I told them about the party we were invited to tonight by Harry styles and they agreed on going.

Couples hours later I was at home and when the clock hit 7:30 p.m I got ready for Harry's party. I picked out a black dress, nude strapped heels and a white clutch. I curled my brown long hair and put some light make up on. I spiced up the look with my "diva" lipstick by Mac. I looked in the mirror to over look my outfit and myself. I walked down stairs and grabbed my dad's car keys and drove to Harry's house. As I parked in his drive way I looked at the house and it was amazingly big! I even caught myself saying "OMG" a couple times. I got out of the car and walked inside. I was trying my best not to bump into anyone, I looked around for Kayla and John but for some reason only the populars were there, it was weird because why was I invited ? & where is Kayla and John?. All these questions were rushing through my head then there he was his blonde hair kind of spiked up, he had the biggest smile on his face, it was Niall. Niall was beyond flawless tonight, he was wearing a red shirt, a leather jacket over it and some black jeans paired with some high top nikes. I couldn't stop looking at him, I felt like a god was in my presents. "Hey you made it!" A deep voice said from far away, I turned around and it was Harry, he hugged me and said "wow you are looking darling tonight !" I laughed and said " thank you Harry, you look rather charming tonight!" He was wearing a plaid flannel with some buttons unbuttoned at the top and some black skinny jeans with a pair of nice black boots. After I awkwardly examined his outfit he put his arm around me and showed me around the house, I was pretty surprise that Harry was hanging out with me because the only time we talked was in class about work, this time it was different it was like he wanted to talk to me & get to know me. After countless hours of talking to Harry about everything possible my phone rang, I looked at it and it was a text from Niall

Niall: hey you get your pretty little thang over here!;)

I looked up from my phone and saw Niall waving at me, I waved back I would have gone over but talking to Harry was so smoothing to me and relaxing it was great talking to him.

Niall's POV

I looked at Hannah and I thought she was about to come over and talk to me but she just waved back. I was confused I thought she liked me.. Does she like Harry now? Did I do something wrong ? Was it because of what I did to that Steven kid? I was confused I wanted her to come over and talk but she didn't she stayed with Harry. I couldn't make her come to me so I just watched as her and Harry laughed and talked.

Hannah's POV

As the night ended Harry walked me to my car well my dad's car but you know and the stranges thing happened he hugged me and kissed the top of my head. I looked up at him and smiled he opened the car door and waved good bye as I drove off home.

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