Not good enough

A girl name Hannah Williams(Ana for short) is in love with her long time friend Niall horan but doesn't know how to say it and someone gets in the way but it affects her life in a big way.


1. first day

Long nights early mornings, the warmness of my blanket made the December mornings feel much better. As my feet touched the ice cold floor a cold sensation rolled down my back. It was the first day of school first day of new experiences. I took my sweet time walking to the bathroom, slowly brushed my teeth. Looking in the mirror recognizing my flaws. Brushed my hair and washed my face. Walked back to my room and opened my closet. Tossed a shirt and jeans on my bed. I scurried to put my clothes on & ran down stairs to an empty house. I looked around and in a worried voice I said “mom dad!? I’m going to be late! Hello is anyone taking me to school?” My brother popped his head out from the kitchen and said ” it’s only 6:30 ! My gosh! Plus mom and dad left for work. We have to ride the school bus”. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. I yelled out ” UGH” I plopped myself on the couch, waiting for 7 to come waiting to go to school. A loud honk came from outside then my brother Jordan hit me on the leg and said ” come on the bus is here!” I picked up my bag and ran outside. Jordan closed and locked the door behind us as I got on the bus. The bus was full with new faces and old faces, old faces that I never liked seeing. Empty seats were the ones in the back with the paper throwing jerks. The bus engine rumbled. It was less then 20 minutes we got to school. As I walked off the bus I saw my bestfriends Kayla and john waiting for me, huge smiles were on their faces. I hugged them both, we walked into school and checked for our classes. Surprisingly we had the same classes with each other we never did before. We walked to our lockers which were about close to each other. As we passed by the “popular kids” in the hall they all talked about how great and amazing the huge party was at the most popular boys house. We walked passed them as quickly as possible. I opened my locker and put my bag inside. The front doors of the school opened, 5 of the most popular boys walked in. Liam the sweet sensitive one, Louis the funny playful one, zayn the bad boy, Harry the flirt and the one that was my good friend ever since elementary Niall the cute, carefree, funny, amazing one. As they slowly passed by Niall looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. My face got red and I felt the tips of my fingers getting numb. Kayla looked at me and said ” HA it happened again huh? Come on ana you need to girl up and tell him how you feel! You liked him ever since the 5 th grade!. I closed my locker and said ” but he will never like me back besides…*raises eyebrow* Amy has dibs on him”. Kayla looked at Amy and looked back at me ” come on dibs? That’s so middle school, he doesn’t even look at her the way he looks at you”. I took a breath and said ” the way he looks at me? He only smiles that’s pretty much it. That smile means nothing”. The bell rang to go to first period. Me, Kayla and John walked into physics. Took our seats in the front and just talked until the teacher said something. Niall walked in, everyone stared at him. He walked to the back row then walked back to the front. He looked at me and sat next to me. The teacher introduced himself, his name was Mr. Brown. He wore a slick black tie with a plain white shirt and black jeans. Not much of a stylish he was but it was fine. We didn’t do much all class. The whole school day was a bore. The bell rang to go home as I walked out of class John Put his hand on my shoulder and said ” niall’s looking at you” I looked at him with a confused face, he laughed and slightly pointed at Niall. Niall with his sparkling blue eyes looked at me and started walking towards me. I couldn’t stand the intense feeling, so I turned around and walked quickly down the crowed hall. I looked back at Niall and smirked a little, Niall smiled and walked back to his group of friends. I watched Niall walk, his hands swaying in a slow motion, his little baby hairs sticking up from the soft wind in the hall. I walked out of school and walked all the way home. I couldn’t stop thinking about Niall , he was perfect and flawless he was to good for me. I would never try to get him, if I ever did I would humanity myself in the process. If I wanted him to be mine I needed to look like one of those super models off of the magazine. That’s what Amy looked like, perfect skin, perfect hair, perfectly fit. She was prefect for him. They were perfect for each other. I was just one of those girls that were wishing to be with Niall. He was just so ugh, that smile on his face oh god that was the best. I finally got home and no one was there so I decided to relax and just lay around the house. I took a nap for awhile and I heard a knock from the front door. I got up and looked out of the eye hole. It was Niall standing there. I took a deep breath and opened the door. He smiled and said “hey um, so why’d you walk off like that in school?” I was wondering if that was the real question he wanted to ask me. I replied and said ” I just needed to get home quick that’s it”, he looked at me and leaned in closer to my face. I looked down at his lips and he looked at mine, we were so close I could feel his breath on my lips.. He whispered “I love you” he closed his eyes and………. *phone rings* I jumped up from my bed and realized it was a dream. I answered my phone, no one answered so I just hung up. That dream was to good to be true. My whole body was numb, I wanted that dream to be true. For some reason it made me tear a little. I couldn’t help to think that I was truly in love with him. *front door opens* ” hello anyone home?” I walked downstairs “hey dad ! How was work?”. He put his coat on the coat rack and replied “well it was very tiring, how was school Hun?” I was smirking and dazing out, I looked back at my dad and said ” oh um yeah school was good you know school is school nothing special.” My dad looked at me and smiled ” something happened huh? Something about a boy? That smirk on your face means something.” I giggled a little and said ” nothing nothing ” I walked to the kitchen well saying “nothing”.

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