Not good enough

A girl name Hannah Williams(Ana for short) is in love with her long time friend Niall horan but doesn't know how to say it and someone gets in the way but it affects her life in a big way.


6. first day in London!

Thank you all for reading ! Means a lot xxxx(:!

I love you all keep reading !

As I got out the boys clothing I met all the other stylist. They were so nice just like everyone else in London!, I felt a little better. One of the stylist made me pick out the first outfit for the boys and I picked out this :

I really hoped the boys liked it & the other stylist!. I finished putting the last touches on the outfits and showed them to everyone. I was butting my lip nervously and someone spoke, it was one of the top stylist! She looked at me and said "oh gosh Ana.. You are a natural !!! I love it!."I smiled in relief and said " thank you so much!." Then the moment of truth was about to happen, if the boys liked it then that would be their official first outfit for every show!

All the boys walked and looked at me then looked at the outfits...

I crossed my fingers and the boys said "we love it!" I smiled and hugged them "omg guys this means sooo much to me!"

We got into a big group hug in excitement of the first show. The boys got under the stage in their positions. I stayed backstage while they were ready to pop up into the stage, 2 minutes before show time Harry looked at me and said " this first songs for you." Just then they got onto the stage and started singing gotta be you.

Harry POV:

London was looking beautiful tonight as always!, I looked into the crowd and saw all these beautiful faces but none could compare to Ana. I gazed off as i thought of Ana, I nearly missed my part. I wanted to see her again even if I just saw her. She was just amazing. *continues performing*

Ana's POV

I didn't know what to feel at the concert it was so amazing, I was trilled and over joyed. I was so happy I was there, everything about that night was perfect.

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