There are kids who were taken by scientists when they were. These children were born mutants all having special abilities. The scientists torture and expiament until finally they escape this is their story.


1. Prologue

  I'm rose. When I was born every one knew there was something...different about me. I am special. I have odd abilities like a super hero I geuss. When I was three months old my mother gave me a bottle and when I touched it every thing inside froze solid. They decided I was too odd and gave me away. Not put me up for adoption. No they gave me away to scientists. Who proded and poked at me till now. When I was two another two year old came. Jack he is now my best friend and helps me take care of the others.

  Oh yeah there are others. Me then jack. Then can ally. Next was Adam and finally came dani, or Danielle but she doesn't let us call her that. That's the name her parents gave her. She told us she wanted her real family to call her something else so she is dani. Me and jack take care of them it is our job.

  We are 16 and escaped when we were twelve. Shortly after we realized others would end up there. We broke into a house with internet and a home phone and taught eachother combat skills. Its like our brains are wired for it. Then when we were thirteen we went on our first rescue mission and got ally. She was 11 years old and we taught her everything we knew about fighting and when she was 12 went on our second rescue. We save a 9 year old named alex. Then when he was 10 and ready we went and saved another child dani. She was six but brilliant. And that is dani. That's all of us. We saved dani a year ago.

  Me and jack both get any job we possibly can at any to pay for food and electricity. We don't by water for now  because there is a spring near our house. Four times since we have escaped we have moved. Scientists are looking for us every day and the only thing keeping us going is eachother. 

 We are like parents taking care of children. Except jack does  more protecting and I do more mothering. I am in charge. Of everyone (including jack) though he doesn't listen. I tuck in dani. I help Alan figure out his abilities. And I talk to ally about whatever she needs. I am the mother but I am also a friend. They don't act like I'm a mother until they need one. Jack is the only person who always treats me like a sixteen year old. He talks to me the way you only talk to friends. And that's is what he is he is my bestfriend. 

There is just a few flaws in our relationship like the whole 'I'm totally in love with him' thing. So this is where our story starts.


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