There are kids who were taken by scientists when they were. These children were born mutants all having special abilities. The scientists torture and expiament until finally they escape this is their story.


3. It all goes down hill

  "Hello I'm the principle Mrs.brown. And where is your mother?" says the very pretty woman as she greets us at the door of the school.

  "Our mother couldn't make it she is very busy at work. She told me to make sure the kids made it to their classes as well as myself." It worries me sometimes how well I lie to adults. But then again sometimes that's what keeps us alive.

  "Well ok then. Dani and Alex will both stay in a home room class all day which I'll have the ambasaders from their grades escort them to." she gestures behind her at a boy Dani's age and a girl Alex's. A huge smiles finds its way to his face and I know imeadietly the girl is pretty for her age. "This is angie and this is john. take them to their classes please." the children start walking and Dani and Alex follow.

  "Now Ally here is your schedual. Josh here will take you to your classes seeing as you have the same schedual." Now if I was allys age I would be staring a hole in this Josh guy but ally didn't seem interested at all. she takes the paper and reluctantly follows.

  "Now lets have a little discussion you two. We'll go in my office. come along follow me." we follow her down a maze of hallways till we come to her office and walk in. We sit in the two chairs on one side of her desk and sit waiting for her. I tense as she closes and bolts the door and Jack grabs my hand under the desk.

  "Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you. I know about you kids. The truth about you. But you don't need to worry I'm trying to protect you."

  "If youre just trying to protect us...? How do You even know about us?" I ask tensing even more.

  "Because my ex-husband is one of the people who did this to you. I left him as soon as I found out. He was showing me pictures of you kids strapped to tables. Calling it the 'greatest scientific breakthrough yet.' I just saw it as sick. but I recognize you two from the photos. When you lied to me so easily I knew for sure. And I don't expect you to trust me. But I just thought you should know. Ok lets get you to class." Not what I was expecting.

  We follow her to our classroom where she hands us both scheduals. "I made sure you too had all the same classes as eachother and also Isaac our star student. He'll show you around to your classes and help with any tutoring you might need." she goes to turn away but first hands me a small piece of paper. "This is my address. "If you ever need somewhere to go you can come to me ok?"

  "Ok thank you." she nods and walks away as Isaac comes out and smiles.

  "Hi." He shakes Jacks hand then his eyes fall on me. "I'm Isaac and you're gorgeous." he smiles and I blush.

  "Yeah shes gorgeous" uh-oh "Shes also taken." says jack putting his arm around my waste.

  "woah buddy I thought you were her brother."

  "No, his mom kicked him out last year and my family took him in. So no hes not my brother. And yes I am taken so distance." I say now hiding my blush. The rest of the day goes smoothly and now its time to go to the spa.

  For ten minutes straight ally had me holding pieces of her hair as she treats others even though we were about to go to a salon. But whatever. When I finally leave the room to help Dani brush out her hair Ally screams and I rush to the bathroom.

  "I can hear them. They're coming rom the front they have guns." she says and its all I need.

  "JACK! ALEX! DANI! Theyre coming we have to go! Out the back!" We all meet by the back door.

  "Where are we gonna go?" Asks Dani frantic.

  "Mrs.Browns house. I'll expain later just follow me." I follow the directions and we end up at a huge house on the lake. Reluctantly I knock and she opens the door looks around and lets us in.

  "What happened?" she asks looking worried.

  "They came for us." I say knowing she'll understand.

  "Kids follow me to the kitchen i'll make you some cocoa and you can explain what happened rose." We all follow her to the kithen and sit around a table as I explain the quick story.

  "You guys can stay here as long as you need. I have extra school uniforms and clothes from when my children still lived with me come on I have three guest rooms. Two of you will have to sleep in the basement."

  "Ok the girls can have the rooms Alex and I will sleep in the basement." Says Jack

  "Or Mr.Sexist pig, You can sleep on the basement floor i'll sleep on the couch and the younger kids can have the rooms." I say affended

  "Yeah that works," Says Mrs.Brown as she brings us all cocoa. "You guys can stay home tomorrow but youll need to come to school Wednesday or people will be suspicious."

  "Agreed." I say. Wait, did I just agree with an adult? woah.

  "Wait, how do you know about us? I mean its not like we walk around saying 'hey everybody we're mutants!" says Ally. It almost brings a tear to my eye how suspicious she is.

  Mrs.Brown gives a quick summary of what she told me and Jack this morning and I turn to Ally.

  "Check" I say casually knowing she'll know understand. We stand silently as Ally focuses on Mrs.Brown.

  "She's telling the truth. She thinks what they did to us is horrible and she wants to protect us." Ally says as she unfocuses.

  When we finish our cocoa Mrs.Brown takes the younger kids upstairs so they can pick rooms. She comes back holding two blankets. "Here follow me I'll take you to the basement." Once were down stairs she say. the couch is a foldout bed and I have an air mattress you can put on the floor. If you need me I'll be in my room." with that she walks away.

  "I'll take the air matress. Says jack as he throws me one of the blankets.

  I lay on the mattress, not sleeping, thinking about what happened today. But not the attack. What jack said. "Shes also taken." That small statement made my day. Just then jack stands up and looks at me.

  "Cant sleep?" I just nod. "Me either." He says laying back down.

  "Wait Jack, Will you lay with me?" I say scolding myself for even asking. why would I ask that? Stupid stupid stupid.

  "Of corse." he says laying his laying down on the bed next to me. He trys to stay close but not touch me.

  "Remember when we first escaped and had to hudle together at night to preserve body heat." I ask hoping he gets the point of what I just said. But still he doesn't move closer. He stays put. "It isn't any different. You don't have to act like I have some contagous disease." I say. I f he didn't get that one then there is no hope.

  "I understand what youre saying. I just don't know how much will be to much."

  "Then ask." I say wanting him closer.

  He grabs my hand "Is this to much?" I just shake my head. He moves closer so our faces are about six inches apart. "What about this?" Once again I shake my head. Faster than I can think he pulls me closer so our stomachs are touching. "What about this?"

  "No this isn't to far. this is perfect." I say sounding like a dork. God I have to learn to lie to him.

  "Good." He says smiling. "Would kissing you be too much" Once again all I can do is shake my head. He pulls me even closer-If that's possible- and gently touches his lips to mine. Softly he kisses me and I feel electricity rushing through my body and never want to move away from him. Finally, after I don't know how long he pulls away and tucks my body into the cracks of his "Go to sleep. I'm here. I always will be. I love you."

  My body feels like liquid. He loves me. That's when I realize it. I love him. "I love you too." I say. And once again we fall asleep in each others arms.

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