There are kids who were taken by scientists when they were. These children were born mutants all having special abilities. The scientists torture and expiament until finally they escape this is their story.


2. Happy Birthday

  "Jack! Jack! Get up! They're here! Come on they're here!" Jack wakes up looking terrified and alert.

  "Come on where are the others." Jack asks calm as it's his job to be.

  "They went out the back. They're  waiting for us come on. At that jack grabs my arm and bolts outside. When he sees the others out side he frowns.

  "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear jack! Happy birthday to you!" I had made him a cake from scratch and used some of my extra money to buy decorations. Oh you should probably know jack hates anything  that people do for him. So the reaction he gives is completely expected. He turned around and just walked inside.

  "Stay out here. Let me go talk to him." I say when I turn around and see dani looking upset.       "What the hell? They just wanted to give you one thing. That's it you couldn't just let them give you something!" I say screaming.

  "I don't want them to give me anything. I don't want you to give me anything. I hate depending on you guys. And I hate when you guys get attached." He says calmly as always.

  "Why? Why can't we get attached jack. Do you want us gone? Do you want to leave us. Because I couldn't handle that." I say weakly realizing what I just said I add "I mean none of us could."

  "Why would I ever voluntarily leave you guys. I love you guys. That's the problem. If you guys get attached me or love me even half as much as I love you then what happens if they find me? What happens if you lose me or if I lose you. God I know I would be destroyed." He says. This it's the first time I have ever heard him admit weakness, but now I know why. 

  "Of corse we love you jack. But if you would have just told us any of that before. Even just told me that. You have to understand that we don't think like that. Because if we do it's horrible jack. We're not going to lose eachother. Please just come on. Let them throw you this party. Let them give you this one thing. And jack,"


  "I would be destroyed if you were gone. I wouldn't be ok. So please never make me think like that again." And before I can stop them the tears come rolling down my face and I feel jack enclosing me in his arms.

  "Shhhhh. I'm sorry please don't cry." He says and pulls back. Great I look weak in front of jack that's when I get that feeling. That feeling I get every time I get close to jack where I want our lips to touch. He doesn't think of me like that though. I am his friend nothing else. I wish I felt the the same.                                                                                                                           

  "Ok now will you please please let them do this for you and come enjoy this." I say with a pleading look in my eye.

  "Yup. Let's go." He says and walks outside not even looking to see if I follow. Once outside we all sing to jack again. When he cuts the cake I go to take a picture with the camera we found here. When I'm turned around he slathers cake in my face. As I go to wipe it off he grabs my arm.

  "Allow me." He says acting like a gentalmen and I Stand here expecting him to wipe of my face but that's not what he does. He leans Down and kisses me. HE KISSES ME. My brain stops working fro a minute and I freeze. When he realizes this he pulls back and looks like he's scolding himself.

  "I'm sorry I didn't mean to..." but that's all he can say before I stop him with a kiss. He is rigid at first then pulls me into his arms and kisses me softly. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him against me closing all space between us. forgetting for a moment that we have an audience.

  "Ok if you guys don't want me to barf every where I suggest you stop. like now." Says Alex disgusted. Then again he wont even watch movies with kissing. I pull back blushing and laughing. that's when ally chimes in.

  "Took you long enough. I mean we all new you liked her but she doesn't pick up on thing like that. And don't say I only know because I read minds. raise your hand If you jack and Rose liked each other." Both Dani and alex raise their hands. But of corse they didn't think to mention it to me.

  "Well ok then. I have an announcement." I say trying to sound unfased by the recent events. "On Monday we are starting at a local school like the NORMAL kids you all want to be." I say and the only response I get are blank stares.

   "I'm game." Dani and Jack say in unison. My trusty little sidekicks. Then I get a "fine whatever." and a "errrrrr fine." from the others and except them.

  "Okay then its settled we'll go shopping tomorrow. We'll get four uniforms each for Mondays through Thursdays and get to wear normal clothes on Fridays." At this I know no one is happy about this and honestly neither am I but I know now that our lives are fairly normal the kids will need educations to get good jobs.

  After we all clean up the party its time for presents and all the kids are giddy to be Jacks favorite. Alex shoves his box at Jack first. jack opens it and takes out two baseball mitts a baseball and a football. Boy (and honestly me) stuff. "Thanks man."

  Then comes Ally. This time he pulls out metallica and rolling stones cds. "It's awesome." he smiles at Ally. Then dani hands him her small envelope. He Opens it and he gets a huge smile on his face. He pulls her into a bear hug and picks her up still with a huge smile. He pulls out coupons for 10 free guitar lessons (something he's been wanting forever). My turn.

  I give him a small smile and take out my own envelope. He opens it and his face lights up. he looks at me hesitantly and my smile grows. "They're real I'm not that mean." at that he pulls out the 49ers tickets I got him for next week and pulls me into a bear hug of my own. Then he lifts my feet off the ground and spins me in circles then slowly puts me down.

  After it was clear that I was his favorite everyone leaves except ally and me. She walks over and sits down on the front steps and pats the seat next to her. I finally sit and lay my head on her sholder. Ally is like a bestfriend or sister and having her with me always comforts me.

  "He really likes you, you know?" she says looking at me.

  "Well I did just buy him NFL tickets." I say hoping that's not the only reason im his favorite

  "It's not Rose. He's liked you for as long as he can remember. at leaste that's what he was thinking when he was kissing you and all you could think was 'HOLY CRAP HES KISSING ME!' she says trying to suppress a smile till we both bust out in laughter. We sit there talking like normal girls talking about normal girl things until finally jack comes out.

  "Hey Ally can I talk to Rose." he says smiling nervously.

  "Sure thing stud. and remember don't try anything im like a mama bear watching my cub and if you do something to her I will kill you," she smiles sweetly. "Understood?"

  "Gotcha mama bear." He winks and she stands and walks inside. Then jack comes and sits where she was, But closer. "You know I was thinking, your birthday was two weeks ago and no one got you anything." A smile plays across his lips "So I went shopping." He says as he pulls out a small box.

  "You didn't have to..." but my words get cut short be cause as he opens the box I see a gorgeous ring with jack and my birthstones joined in a heart. "Its gorgeous." I look up to see him looking for a reaction hopfully and I cant help myself. I pull his mouth down to mine.

  "Its perfect" I mumble as our lips brush against eachother. He wraps his arms around my and pulls me against him once again leaving no space. We sit there kissing and eventually lay down and kiss for minutes or hours im not sure and I don't really care. Finally we break apart and I cant help but smile.

  "So have you told Alex when the game is yet?"

  "I kind of hoped the tickets were for me and you." he says smiling shyly.

  "Nope, me too, but I figured you and Alex could have some guy to guy bonding time and I made appointments at a spa slash salon slash boutique for me and the girls that night sorry stud." I say and we both laugh and I realize something. I am genuinely happy right now.

  "You, Rose Myers, are going to spend all day in a girly place. Okay who are you and what have you done with my Rose?" he smiles.

  "Ha-ha. I figured its what they would rather do and I told tem they could pick my hair cut and new outfits for Fridays. I mean it cant be that bad. plus maybe the massuse will be a hot 18 year old."

  "Not funny." he replies as he kisses my forhead. Then we lay there and fall asleep. Happy. I was actually happy.




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