Down they went

Hailey has a normal life and normal friends and a normal high school life... sort of. Hailey is what doctors would call schizophrenic, what her parents call psychic, and what she claims talented. One day, she sees something beyond her comprehension and starts a new way of living to adapt to her senses with the help of her long time friends Jane and Mae.


1. Me, Myself and My Mind

Running faster and faster, I found an alley way and turned down it while almost slipping in rain water on the slick pavement. This alley was dark and filled with garbage but I had never seen it before, why was he leading me here? Why does he do anything, the alley had two escapes but I only had one second to choose a way out before I heard him approaching. To my left was another short alley that was dark enough to swallow you and never give you back to the light of day, but my eyes could make out stacks of something that I could hide behind. I ran down the short alley and skittered behind the stack of what felt like newspaper, I had only managed to slow my breathing down some before I heard him turn into the alley way. I had almost stopped breathing but remembered, I kind of need to breath to survive. Before my next thought even entered my mind, a new voice so familiar to me did.

"Your heartbeat has given me the ability to find you easily. Come out from the darkness and speak to me. My deal still stands, we must discuss it."

"We wont discuss anything." Trying to sound firm but faltering slightly. "I still refuse your offer. What could you possibly need from a 16 year old girl anyway?" I asked.

"16 no more Hailey, as of ten minutes ago, another year of existence has arrived. So unfortunate to have it end as well." He has got to be joking.

"If so unfortunate, don't end it."

"But I must. I need something of you. You have harvested this since a child when you first saw me and my people." He replied quickly. The first time I had met him I was 6, he was skinnier and shorter. Since then he has grown to almost 6 feet and he had widened. I was getting tired of this talk, I needed to find a way out, but none had shown other than the alley I had come in from. I had only one thing to do and that was go the way I came, so I stood up and walked out into the first alley. I stopped and looked at him, he was so dark that the darkness would haunt you for the rest of your life and terrorize you, the dark of him fitted his personality. He wasn't looking at me but he knew I was standing  there, slowly he spoke.

"The Cases said you would be hard to negotiate with, but easy to kill. Which to choose is the question." He seemed like he was actually thinking over his options, but I knew he had only one idea.

"How about this, you do neither and Ill do my best to stay out of your hair... sound good?" I replied.

"Such a pity they wanted you." He fought.

"What are you talking about? I don't even know why you wanted me, why do the Cases? I have nothing but a real desire to leave right now."

"Well that just wont do will it?" I didn't know what would happen next, but I could tell I wasn't going to be able to leave. He moved around me and examined me, for unknown reasons he seemed to be displeased.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." That was the last word before madness ripped through the image and I was startled into reality with a sound piercing the air wakening me to a new day.


My name is Hailey Mason. I am 16, my mistake, 17 years old. I live in Oklahoma with 2 parents and 1 sister. I have nothing to look forward to in life other than the chance to escape the crazy that is prancing through my head looking for ways to drive me into the ground. I am what doctors call schizophrenic, I am what my parents call psychic, but I just call myself different. Unlike others, who have their whole lives fighting relationship issues or family crisis, I am stuck battling one war that will never end. I am against me, myself and my own mind.

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