The kidnapper van


2. the plan


315 is the number of times he raped me


308 is the number of times that he beat me

Harry's pov

She was too beautiful to be raped like that or at all. I needed to get us out. She was getting raped once in the morning for a couple of hours and then at night for a couple of hours. That's a horrible thing to do to an 19 year old. So I thought of a plan for a week or so and after her nightly rape when she came back and it was about 2 hours later after she got raped and I explained to her what had been on my mind for the last week in a half. So I explained to her the tall man with the big belly comes and gets u to rape u every night and she agreed in confusion, so tomorrow night when he comes to get u and puts your arms behind your back you swing your leg back and you kick him in his left ball, only his left because that one hurts worst that should paralyze him for at least 3 minutes then you grab the keys to the dead bolt and you unlock me then we run and we run until we find help we don't look back ever.

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