Love ever after

Love ever after is Niall and Jaci's story of life and love ever after. (They are not famous in this book)


1. Jaci's POV

/ring/ The bell sounds as 5 boys walk into my coffee shop. "Good afternoon! What can I get you guys?" I asked politely. "5 regular coffees please," the one with a striped shirt spoke up. "Ok, take a seat and I'll get that to you!" As I make their coffee, I the blonde one staring at me. "Can I help you?" "Err... Yes, you can actually. Do you have a piece of paper?" I handed him one, on it he wrote his name and phone number. "There you go love!" He said sweetly. "Oh! Here's your coffee!" I said rather awkwardly. "There is coffee sweeteners on the table over there." I point at the table on the back wall. As they finish their coffee I keep reading over the note, trying to decide wether to call him or not. May I add, they were very, very loud!! When they walked out the door, all of them saying thank you, some adding a "love" Niall, as that was what the card said winked at me!

Authors note: I'm already having writers block! So I'm going to publish what I have and soon there will be more!!

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