Horrible Love


1. Introductions

Well, hi! My name is Diana Brooks, I have had a pretty good life, I mean I have a loving family, a adorable little brother. I have friends.

But, I just guess something is missing? Oh yeah! Well, you see, I live in Holmes Chapel, and use to be best friends with Leo Parker until he decided to try to be famous with his band. We talked in the beginning, but we drifted apart. I thought it was something I did, but in reality, I knew it was gonna happen.....

I mean, he was following his dreams right? So, why am I so upset? I mean it's not like we have been friends since we were five or anything.... I have a right to be hurt. Right?

Who wouldn't? He was my best friend... No one could separate us, but I guess fame was the only thing, but you know? I guess it was a sign that I shouldn't of been his friend, and I'm grateful that sign did happen. Because, now I have a loving boyfriend, James, he has brown hair and the bluest eyes. While I have my partner in crime, Jenna, she has fiery red hair, and brown eyes.

But, what happens when he decides trying not to be famous, since he thought it wasn't his life style, and comes home to stay... Will I still hate him, or, will we kindle old fire?


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