Horrible Love


2. Chapter 1

I groan as that bloody alarm clock goes off. I turn it off, I rush downstairs and eat breakfast quickly. When I finally finished the eggs

Insert Barf

I rush back upstairs and put a random shirt and some jeans. I get a text from Jenna

Her: I'm leaving in a few minutes, you better be ready!

Me: Calm down! I made you late once!

Her: shut up and just be ready god dammit!

I laugh and grab my book bag and see Jenna. I run in to the car and look at her, she is hiding something, I wonder what... "Jenna?" She looks up at me "yeah?" I stare at her "is there something you want to tell me?"

She laughs "what? Pft, no!" I roll my eyes "you better tell me Jenna, I'm not kidding" she sighed in defeat "there's a rumor that a certain someone is coming to town" I nod my head "a certain boy who left for his band, he's a drummer, named Leo Parker" I groan and drop my head on the dash board.

We finally pull up to school and see a boy with brown hair sitting on the hood of a red pick up truck.


Oh my god, I haven't seen him since the last day before break, I miss him so much! I run out the car and hug him. "I missed you so much James" I smile with my face against his chest "I missed you too Diana" he kissed my cheek.

We started walking towards the school once Jenna gets out of her car. Me and James intwine are hands. Once we get inside the school, I hear a squeal, and the most fakes, sluttiest person I have ever known.


"Oh my god! I'm so happy to see you Diana! Didn't you hear how Leo is coming back?" I roll my eyes "leave it be Kailee, you know I don't care about Leo ever since...." She smirks "ever since he dropped you when he got in to a band? Yeah we all know." "Just shut up you bitch!" I turn my head and look at Jenna, Kailee walks over to her and gets in her face "who do you think you are little slut?" I glare at her "don't you dare call Jenna a slut, she is more pure and more real then you ever are"

Kailee smirks " well, now that you say that yeah! But I forgot, your the biggest slut of them all" I roll my eyes "says the girl that use to be my friend" she laughs "I mean yeah, until you showed me your ways, and I ditched you" I clenched my jaw, you see, my family, we have.... Anger issues

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that Kailee" I try to ignore her "I mean your such a slut you probably fucked Leo, then he ditched you for his band" that's it, I lost it. I grabbed her hair and punch her face. "You bitch!" She screeches, I laugh "shut up, it's fake anyway, tell your doctor to re-do it"

She glared and went to slap me, I grabbed her wrist, then punched her again. "No no, don't do that" and walked, well more like ran to class, I was so embarrassed, I mean, I let the anger get the best of me. How could I?

You're probably wondering, what's so important about this Leo kid? Well, before he left with his band to try to get famous, we were best friends, inseparable. When he told me, I just broke down and asked 'how could you?' Once he promised that he would keep in touch, I calmed down. Though, the longer he was gone, the more we stopped talking. One day, he just stopped talking to me completely. Then James came over, he is is step brother, and told me that Leo said 'stop bothering me, I don't care about you' I broke down right there, and James was there for me, so.... Yeah......

Once I got to Science, they we already there "ugh! I was trying to get away from you!!" James just laughed and hugged me "is there a certain brother who is coming home, and you never told me?" I look up in the hug. He laughs.

"Yeah, Leo came back, he said trying to be famous wasn't his type of thing, so he is staying now! We are having a party for him, do you want to come and be there for me?" I nod my head and snuggle in to his side more.

School was finally over, and I was just having a conversations with my mother. "So mom, well, have you heard about Leo Parker coming back?" She looks up and rolls her eyes "why do you care?" I shrug "was just wondering, James wants me to go to his Welcome Home party! Since he didn't want to be famous and came back" she smiles and kisses my head. "Well, have fun, okay?" I nod and go up to start looking for my outfit. —————-———————————————————

A/N: Well! That's Chapter One! I really hope you guys like this, I spent a lot of time on this chapter to try and make this first chapter good, because in my other books, the first ones are all shit! Anyway, comment below if to want to gives feed back! Hope you guys liked it!

~ Lots of Lurve Lizzie and Amanda!

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