Jess Hardy is 18 and is homeless, she left home at the age of 16 due to, shall we say, family disagreements. Jess now lives on the streets of London and the only person she can trust is an illegal arms dealer/shop owner called Matt. What will happen when a stranger shows Jess a single act of random kindness?


1. Prologue

Right. OK. How do I do this? This is my therapist's-therapist. It makes me sound so weak, I'm not weak. But it was her idea- to write my story down, to get it out of my system. To admit that it happened.

I guess I should start with my name, my old name that is, not my current one. I changed my name because I became a different person with a different personality, so I thought that I should have a new name to match my new personality. My old name was Jess Hardy. Jess Hardy, the name sounds foreign to me now. But alas, there is still a little bit of Jess left in me somewhere. It's wonderful really, because no matter how far or fast I run I can't escape the whispers of the past.

I'm Jess Hardy and this is my story. Hang on a sec, saying 'my story' makes it sound like the story is over, it's not. It's really not. So I suppose I should say:

I'm Jess Hardy and this is how I grew up.

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