Lisa Bartowski - Chuck fanfic.

If you like chuck you will love this fanfic :) Chuck and Sarah, former CIA agents, have a baby. Chuck and Sarah find out how to reconstruct the intersect glasses. Chuck, is the intersect. All of the government secrets are in his head. Will they ever tell their child? Should they keep it from her to protect her? Will she become the next intersect? Oh by the way, this is the sequel to the show "chuck" This story begins 7 years after they met for the first time. (Two years after the show ends) I hope you like this book! :)


3. The birthday party

Chuck and Sarah woke up early to prepare for their little girl's 5th Birthday. They carefully decorated the tables, and hung flowy, hot pink streamers from the doorways. To finish off the look, Sarah sprinkled some pink and purple glitter and confetti all over the house. Chuck's face turned pink as he blew up balloons and placed them all over the floor. Chuck made a funny face at all the pink, and scrunched up his nose jokingly. Sarah giggled and they took a deep breath and inspected their work, before waking up their little 5 year old. Sarah went in first and say next to her daughter who was sleeping among her fluffy pillows, stuffed animals, and pink (of course) comforter.

"Liz" Sarah spoke softly, "Liz wake up"

"Good morning mommy" she replied softly with her eyes still closed.

"Liz... Do you remember what say it is today?" Sarah asked. She bit her lip stifling a giggle and waited a few seconds for her daughter to connect the dots.

Liz let out a cute little gasp, "Mommy I'm 5 years old now!"

Sarah giggled and nodded, "yes you are! And all your friends are coming over today to celebrate, so you may want to get out of bed"

"Ok" the 5 year old Liz agreed as she hopped out of her bed. She smiled at her dad, chuck, who was standing in the doorway, "hi daddy, good morning!"

"Good morning sweetie" chuck replies as his heard melts and he pulls his daughter into a right hug.

When he let's go his daughter gives him a cute 5 year old smile and scampers off to go get dressed for her birthday party.

Sarah meets chuck in the living room and smiles at the surprise present they have waiting for their daughter.

"Do you think she will like it?" Sarah whispers as she hugs her husband.

"I think she will love it" he replies with a smile. When Liz comes out she shows off her little outfit to see if her parents approve.

Her parents smile at the light blue dress, white leggings, and, brown boots she choosers wear.

"It looks beautiful sweet heart" Sarah smiles at her daughter.

Liz smiles, when she sees all of the pink and purple her parents have set up to celebrate her birthday, and Before long, She notices the present in the middle of the living room, "Is it for me?!?!" She squeals adorably.

"Yes sweetie is is for you" her dad, chuck laughs.

She admires the sturdy white frame of the bike,

And the purple seat. She pauses to touch the pink handles, and blows gently on the bright colored tassels.

"I love it" she smiles brightly, "when can I learn to ride it daddy?"

"Soon." Her father replies.

Sarah opens her mouth to say something, but the doorbell rings signaling the first party guest has arrived. Chuck makes his way to the door with his wife and daughter following him.

"Hello!" He greets the person at the door happily and let's Lisa's little friend in, "welcome to the party!"

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