Lisa Bartowski - Chuck fanfic.

If you like chuck you will love this fanfic :)
Chuck and Sarah, former CIA agents, have a baby. Chuck and Sarah find out how to reconstruct the intersect glasses. Chuck, is the intersect. All of the government secrets are in his head. Will they ever tell their child? Should they keep it from her to protect her? Will she become the next intersect?

Oh by the way, this is the sequel to the show "chuck" This story begins 7 years after they met for the first time. (Two years after the show ends)

I hope you like this book! :)


1. The baby

"She's beautiful" chuck whispered so that he would not wake the newborn baby. He leaned on the hospital bed and looked at his newborn daughter. His child was a beautiful baby. She had a cute little mess of blond hair on her head. "She has your hair" he chuckled softly looking at his beautiful wife Sarah. Suddenly, Casey walked in. "Nice job Bartowski" Casey joked as he looked at the newborn girl. The baby stirred slightly at Casey's gruff voice. "Shhhh" Sarah scolded looking at Casey. His hard scowling face melted into a smile, rare for this ruthless former kernal. Sarah carefully handed the baby to chuck. After giving his baby a quick kiss on the forehead, chuck handed his newborn daughter to Casey. "Got a name?" Casey asked softly. "Lisa" said Sarah gently. Chuck's dark brown eyes met Sarah's light blue ones. "Lisa" he repeated, "Lisa Bartowski" chuck knew why Sarah wanted to name the baby Lisa. It was her real middle name. Sarah's name wasn't even Sarah. It was Sam, Sam burton. But chuck met her as Sarah, and to him, she would always be Sarah, even if their relationship started as a cover story.

Casey, carefully placed the sleeping baby Lisa into Sarah's arms. Morgan, came through the door. "Hey guys!" He said too loudly. "Shhh" hissed Casey, chuck and Sarah in unison. "Oh sorry" he whispered as he walked over and looked at the baby. The next people to come in, the room where Ellie, chucks older sister, and her husband Devon, or as many like to call him, 'captain awesome'. "Sorry where late bro" captain awesome apologized as he patted chucks shoulder. "Oh. my. gosh!!!" Ellie squealed quietly. She hugged her little brother who was now a dad. Sarah placed the baby in Ellie's arms. Ellie cradled the baby and walked around the room, remembering when she had her first baby. The last person to enter the now overcrowded hospital room, was Mary Bartowski. Chucks mom. When she first walked in the gave her son, chuck a quick hug. "Hi mom" whispered Ellie. Mary's face lit up as her eyes caught a glimpse of the beautiful blond hair on her granddaughters head. Ellie handed her mom the baby. Mary took a deep breath of satisfaction. Lisa had blond hair and blue eyes from her mother, Sarah but her hair and eyes had a little brown from her father, chuck. Right now, she was just a child. Innocent. Open. Free. But would she ever find out her parents where spies? Would they tell her about their exiting adventures? Would she find out they STILL ARE SPIES? Would they tell her everything about their crazy past?

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