Lisa Bartowski - Chuck fanfic.

If you like chuck you will love this fanfic :) Chuck and Sarah, former CIA agents, have a baby. Chuck and Sarah find out how to reconstruct the intersect glasses. Chuck, is the intersect. All of the government secrets are in his head. Will they ever tell their child? Should they keep it from her to protect her? Will she become the next intersect? Oh by the way, this is the sequel to the show "chuck" This story begins 7 years after they met for the first time. (Two years after the show ends) I hope you like this book! :)


2. Lisa's 5th birthday party plans

5 years later....

Lisa sat on her bed and grabbed some crayons. She scribbled a little flower on her paper and wrote "to mommy" on it. She ran down the carpeted flight of stairs. Happily, she skipped into the living room and hopped onto the couch next to her mom. She handed her mom the picture of the flower. Sarah smiled as hugged her daughter tight. "Wanna go help mommy put it on the fridge?" She asked her little daughter. "Sure" she squeaked jumping up and down. Sarah put the little picture in the fridge. "Lunch is ready!" Came chucks voice from the dining room. Sarah's light blue eyes met her daughters darker blue-brown ones. Lisa licked her lips. "I wonder what daddy has come up with for lunch" Sarah giggled quietly to her little girl. Sarah followed her daughter, who was leading her by the hand, into the dining room. They all sat in their chairs at the table. Chuck smiled and put a grilled cheese sandwich on each of their plates. Lisa giggled because her dad had cut the grilled cheeses into hearts. "Bon apitite" he said waving his hand and bowing. Lisa giggled again and bit into her sandwich. "For the birthday girl" Sarah said handing Lisa a cup if juice. "Oh ya it's my birthday tomorrow!" Said Lisa face palming herself. Sarah laughed at her girls cute behavior."I invited all of your friends over for your birthday" Sarah whispered to Lisa, "they are coming at 2 o'clock for your birthday party!" Lisa smiled and took another bite of her sandwich. "Ow" she said suddenly. Startled Sarah looked at her daughter, "what's wrong Liz?" she asked concerned. "My tooth fell out!" Lisa jumped up and down. "Let me see" chuck said leaning towards his daughter. Lisa lifted up the tooth and showed her dad. "What are you going to do with it now?" Her dad asked, hoping she would remember about the tooth fairy. "Oh" she gasped looking her mom in the eye. Chuck winked at Sarah. "The tooth fairy!!!" She ran up the stairs and shoved the tooth under her pink pillow. She scribbled a quick note:

"For the tooth fairy"

She shoved the note under her pillow too. Then she went back down the stairs to finish her lunch.

1 hour after lunch......

"Lisa" came her mothers voice from the kitchen.

"Yes?" Lisa replied. Her mother walked into the living room. "Do you wanna watch a movie?" Lisa's eyes lit up,

"yes mommy!" She exclaimed happily.

Sarah walked over to the cabinet full of movies and let her daughter choose a movie. They cuddled on the couch and chuck walked in with a bowl of popcorn. They started the movie.

After the movie.....

Lisa had dozed off and was leaning on her dads shoulder.

"Liz" her dad spoke quietly, "Liz the movies over"

Lisa's eyes fluttered open.

"Hi daddy" she mumbled in a sleepy voice

"Hi" he answered smiling at his daughter.

Lisa wrapped her small arms around his neck, "I love you daddy"

"Love you too" he whispered hugging his daughter tight. Tomorrow his little girl would be 5 years old......

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