Home is Where Hogwarts is

Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


8. The Talk

Kendra looked up. "How much did you hear?" Kendra asked worried. "All of it," Lily said awkwardly. "Why didn't you tell me I would've gone with you."  "The whole point was for you not to get killed," Ginny said. Kendra looked down, remaining her silence. "How, did you kill him?" Lily asked "Well," Ginny said "We were in this tower-like building and we stunned him, he fell back through the window.  Next thing we know we're reading about it in The Daily Prophet."  Lily was now asking probably the most important question. "Why, why did you try to kill Voldemort, or even hunt him down?"  Ginny once again answered the question "Kendra, did it for you.  We all know Voldemort's is going to kill Harry, she didn't want you to have to go through the pain.  And I did it for Ron, he might be annoying but I wouldn't want him to have to lose a best friend." Lily looked up and smiled "You guys are so stupid.  Honestly, Voldemort doesn't stand a chance when all of us work together. We have love, he has fear."  "I'm sorry, ok I'm sorry I lied about McLaggen, and I'm sorry I snuck out and I'm sorry I almost killed myself, and I'm sorry I made you worry, I'm just so sorry."


"Ron, calm down" Harry said.  "Calm down? Calm down? My sister almost died! And Kendra just took her along! How can I calm down!? And you know who told me? Not my sister, or my best friend, but Cormac McLaggen!"


*Author's note Sorry for the short chapter, but it felt like a good place to end*

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