Home is Where Hogwarts is

Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


10. The Journal

"Where the hell were you?" Lily asked him. "Hogsmade" he said reluctantly. "And what the hell were you doing in hogsmade?" McLaggen again reluctantly answered. "Orders of Draco Malfoy" McLaggen fell out of the chair and clapped his hands over his mouth. He got up then and ran away. "PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!" Lily yelled. She wasn't letting him get away. She noticed that a small journal fell out of his pocket. She picked it up and briefly scanned it. She ran off the Gryffindor tower, leaving McLAggen there. She entered her dormitory and woke Kendra up. "What, what did I over sleep?" She moaned. "No, but come here, I have a revenge plan" Kendra immediately shot up. "What?" Lily pulled out the journal. "This fell out of McLaggen's pocket, it looks like a diary or something 

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