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Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


4. The First Year

They awoke the next morning, and surprisingly had time to eat breakfast for once.  Lily had time to brush her hair and Kendra had time to wash her face. Dumbledore was at the staff’s table unlike yesterday or the day before.  He stood up and made an announcement “Anyone who is supposed to have Herbology today, is not, Herbology classes are canceled for the rest of the week.”  “Why are classes canceled?”  Kendra asked Lily as if she would know.  “I’m not exactly sure what happened, but last when I was helping Harry with all the equipment, the green house was on fire, probably got pretty damaged, Professor Sprout was devastated.  On the plus I have a free period right before lunch now.”  They continued breakfast and then went their separate ways. Kendra was stopped by Malfoy.  “I know you were in the room when I told Lily, I heard you trying to keep in a sneeze, now I trust Lily, but not you.  I’m not going to kill you, but I will get rid of you, Crucio!”  Kendra didn’t have time to stop him or move.  She fell to the floor in pain.  McGonnagal turned onto that corridor and saw Kendra sobbing in pain.  “Mr. Malfoy, one hundred points from Slytherin, and detention, all week next week.  Now I’m taking Ms. Smith to the hospital wing, go to class, and don’t cause any trouble.”

McGonnagal was not necessarily angry, but she sounded more worried.  Kendra was frantic.  She was sobbing in pain.  She remembered how other times someone, Malfoy or Umbridge, Lily would always save her.  Suddenly she felt lousy, Lily was amazing, always quick to act. Super smart, can take Malfoy, even without magic, she has a way with words, and could confuse anyone, even Hermione was jealous of her. Lily walked in the hospital wing.  Kendra knew she had a free period, but was it that close to lunch? “Hi Kendra, are you ok?”  “Not really, I know why he was finally able to curse me, you weren’t there to protect me.  Lily, I need you, but sometimes I feel so, in your shadow.  You’re smart, you can defend yourself against anyone, and people love you so much, you’re so selfless, and kind, and that makes me feel worse when I feel jealous!”  “Kendra, your smart too, and you are selfless, just because you don’t jinx and curse everyone, you can defend yourself, Kendra, you are an amazing girl, don’t feel left out.”  Kendra felt better.  She knew Lily truly thought all of those things. It just felt good to hear it out loud.

  “Do you have to stay in here or can you come to lunch with me?”  Kendra agreed and they went to the great hall together.  They saw Malfoy and Snape arguing “You can’t do that Draco, you will reveal your secret, and you know that that can’t happen.” Snape snapped. “Well, Smith knew it, I was trying to shut her up.”  Malfoy replied angrily. “Then you should have killed her, or tricked her into an unbreakable vow. But now she’ll tell people, you need to make sure she doesn’t tell ANYONE!” “I don’t need you to babysit me, and I’ve already got another detention with Lily, and a whole week with McGonnagal.” Malfoy walked away before Snape could reply.  Snape walked up to Lily and Kendra.  “My office, NOW!” 

They followed him to his office.  They knew what this was about, Malfoy. “Smith, I do not know nor do I care how you found out, but you cannot tell, anyone.”  Kendra smiled and tried playing dumb so Snape would say it.  She had a little bottle from Fred and George’s. You could trap someones sentence in it and open it for others to hear. It would be great if they could have proof.  “Don’t play dumb with me, twenty points from Gryffindor” “Sir,” Lily said. “Malfoy told me of his own free will, so I can tell anyone I like.”  “What did Malfoy tell you?” Kendra asked, and it actually sounded convincible.  “He told me that that he bribed his way into the Slytherin Quidditch team since second year” Lily said, trying to get Snape to say it.  “No, that’s lie, twenty points from Gryffindor. I know you know that Draco is a deatheater” “Thanks” Lily said and got up and left.  Kendra did the same.  By the time they got out they would be a few for their next class, which Lily had first years, and Kendra had break. 

Lily walked in.  “Hi guys, ok today I want you to try and disarm me, so first up let’s go with er, well does anyone want to go first?”  A few Ravanclaws raised their hands and mostly all of the Hufflepuffs did. “Uh ok, you, you’re Alice right?”  “Yes, ok” She stood up and stood a distance from Lily.  “Expelirumas!” The wand flew out of Lily’s hand.  Usually, she has control of her wand making it hard for someone to disarm her, but she made it easy on purpose “Ok, good, go sit on that side of the room” She wanted to split them up as people who could and couldn’t disarm. Most of them couldn’t, “Excelpitwamus!” Said a Hufflepuff boy.  He fell back while the other first years closed their eyes while a tiny explosion occurred.  

Next a Hufflepuff named Joey was.  He said a powerful 'expelliramus'  Lily didn't have to go easy on him. He even preformed a shield charm and a tickling charm which earned him fifty points. "Come to my office Friday night, after dinner"  Class was over and Lily returned to the common room.  "Hey, friday night can you come with me to teaach this advanced first year?"  Kendra looked up from her charms homework.  "As a spell dummy? Again?"  "Er, no not exactly just a person who he can practice on."  Lily was trying to avoid using the word 'spell dummy' "Fine, but you have to come stargazing after"  Lily agreed and went to go to Dumledore's lesson.  "Acid Pops" she said and the the gargoyle reveled stairs and Lily went up and knocked on the door. "Enter"  


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