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Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


2. The First Class

     Dumbledore gave his usual beginning of year speech and introduce the staff.  “We have a few staff changes his year, two positions which will be split between to teachers.  Divination will be taught be both Firenze and Professor Trelawny.  Defense against the dark Arts will be taught, for first ad sixth years, Ms. Lily Macy and for the others, Professor Snape.  And Horace Slughorn will teach his old post as potions master. “ Harry walked in blood covered his face Kendra began to say “What” and Harry just told her later.

     They returned to the common room and Kendra was glad to see the four poster bed.  “So what’ve you got planned for class tomorrow?” Kendra asked. “I could say it were a surprise, but honestly I’ve got no clue, Hey Harry when are Quidditch tryouts?”  Harry replied the same thing he replied to Katie Bell when she asked “Don’t be stupid, I’ve seen you play for five years, I know you’re great.” Only for Lily it was four years.  They went to sleep and Lily awoke anxiously the next morning. They got their schedules and first period Lily had a double defense against the dark arts class, sixth year. 

     Lily walked into class.  “Hello.  This year, I don’t want you to memorize a bunch of spells, that is stupid and pointless.  You need to learn how to react.  That is why I have charmed this room so that unforgiveable curses can be used, but wont have a real effect, just a fake one.  The killing curse will make you lie motionless, the cruciatus curse, will make you drop in pain without actually feeling any pain, and the imperius curse, will make you unaware of what is going on.  I have a spell that will undo any of these things.” 

    A Slytherin raised her hand and Lily called on her "what’s the point of that?”  "Death eaters are not going to be using some kiddies spells, they are going to use these, and you must know how to protect yourself.  We will also be learning how to use nonverbal spells.  What is the advantage of a nonverbal spell?”  Lily called on Kendra “It gives you an advantage, a split second advantage, but they don’t know it’s coming.”  Lily gave Gryffindor five points for that answer. “Today, I want to see how all of you will react to being in a duel with a death eater, or even just an enemy.  Remember, you can always disarm them, which is a smart first move.  If you can last five minutes without dyeing or not being able to duel any longer, you will receive ten house points.  Good luck :)”

      First up was Ron, who unfortunately only lasted about a minute in a half.  Next was Malfoy “Don’t go easy on Potter, he’s a bastard, you should be spending your time with me not doing him.”  “That’s enough Mr. Malfoy” Lily said and it felt weird to call him “Mr.” “I’ll see you tomorrow night for detention, and thirty points from Slytherin, and an apology, tomorrow that you will read to us.  Thank you sit down.”  They continued on and at the end only three people managed to stay through five minutes Harry Kendra and Abagayle, a Slytherin.  They had about twenty minutes of class left. 

    “You are no longer first years, no longer children, you need to face the truth.  There are people who want to kill you, hurt you, and now that Voldermort is at rise again, they will, you need to defend yourself, because they aren’t gonna say ‘oh this person can’t defend themselves, go easy on them’  they will kill you, or if you know something, torture you for it.  For homework I want four paragraphs on the unforgivable curses. The first will be an overview on what they actually are, and the other three will explain why they are so unforgivable and how they affect you.  You have about ten minutes to get started, Neville come here please” 

     Neville walked up to her desk “You don’t have to write about the cruciatus cures if you don’t want to, I know that’s er a tough subject.”  Neville’s face turned white “Thank you”  Class was over and Harry Ron Hermione and Kendra all went to potions while Lily went to Transfiguration.  Lily caught on very well to her work, enough for McGonnagal to award fifteen points.  Kendra was very good at potions.  She and Hermione were the only ones who could identify what the mystery potions.  Together they got seventy points.  They had to make a potion and whoever made it the best would win a tiny vile of “liquid luck” Kendra was very good at potion making. Snape could not find a way to give her low marks on exams, other than saying that she didn’t pay enough attention.  Harry seemed to be doing exceptionally well.  They ended up tying and both got the prize. 

     Lily met up with them at lunch “Hey when do you guys have break?” “Right after lunch” “Great me too, I only have break Mondays and Thursdays”  They ate lunch and Hermione said “Great job today, it was a really good class”  Harry enjoyed it as well “Yea you’re the best DADA  teacher ever,”  “Yea but she didn’t have to give us homework,”  Kendra argued”  “It’s easy, and you can’t expect her to not give us homework, I mean she is a professor now”  Replied Hermione.  Lunch was over and during break Lily worked on her Transfiguration homework, while Kendra worked on her DADA. 

     “You’re reading yours out loud tomorrow, so make it good.”  “I thought you were picking randomly!”  “No, you Harry, Malfoy and Abagayle”  “Why us? “ Lily actually did have a reason for this. “I wanted to use people who actually had those spells affect their lives, Malfoy’s dad got locked up for it and Abagayle’s sister, was put under the imperius curse and drove herself mad, now she is in St. Mundgos, not aware of who she is or anything,”

     The rest of the day went on, as what was the new usually.  Hermione and occasionally Kendra being the only ones with hands in the air.  During dinner Lily got a letter saying that on Wednesday night she would have a meeting with Dumbledore, this would be one without Harry.  That night Lily and Kendra talked.

      “Today, in DADA, when I was about to duel Malfoy, when he drew his wand, it looked like is wrist was black, either he’s a deatheater or he just has a really bad bruise, which I don’t think a bruise would scare Borgin that much.”  “He is acting weird though, not hanging out with Crabbe and Goyle as much, I mean if he is a deatheater I’m sure he would have better friends, darker friends I mean,”  They fell asleep. 

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