Home is Where Hogwarts is

Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


6. McLaggen's Mistake

"What did you do to her?"  Lily asked angrily.  "I kissed her, she thought it was gross so she cursed me.  I went to Snape and she has detention Saturday night"  Lily walked over to Kendra  "well why is she on the ground?"  "Well when I was in the hospital wing, I stole Madam Pomfreys potion that knocks you out.  Now, I'm waiting for her to wake up so, we can kiss, or maybe do something a little more,"  Lily punched him giving him a bloody nose.  "No I'm taking her back to our dorm."  Lily grabbed Kendra and dragged her up into her bed.  



Lily woke up and woke Kendra up on Friday morning.  "You were completely unconscious yesterday, what did McLaggen do?"  "I don't remember much, but he just started kissing me and the I was in Snape's office, and I have detention and I don't know. Why didn't you take me to the hospital wing?"  "Because, I didn't want to have to wait to tell you this," Lily moved in a little closer so she could whisper. "Malfoy cruciatus cursed a first year, and Dumbledore said he would talk to him, I wanted to stay and listen, but I didn't have the invisibility cloak." Lily walked down with Kendra down to the great hall to see that Dumbledore looked sick, not in an ill sort of way, but in a worried sort of way.  "Remember tonight is that lesson with the boy,"  Lily reminded Kendra.  "yea yea,"  Snape walked up to them.  "Ms. Smith, I expect to see you in detention tomorrow night, and Ms. Macy, I would watch out before you get into trouble, because I would gladly be the one who gets to expel you," Snape continued on. "Harry, I want you to come to my DADA class today, third period.  What class do you have?"  "Potions"  "Oh, it might be hard to pry you from Slughorn's class, but I can manage."  "Why can't you get me out too?"  Ron asked questioningly "Because, obviously she wants someone who is great at DADA and you wouldn't be there to play around, you would be there to demonstrate."  Hermione snapped. Lily felt awkward. Hermione often would explain that Lily was a teacher and she could no longer break the rules or allow them to without punishment.  Lily didnt want to sound babyish, but she still was a kid.  she would be come of age the first of the group on October 16th.  They went to first period and then second and then came third where Lily fetched Harry.  "Er, Professor Slughorn I hope it wouldn't be to much of an inconvenience for me to borrow Harry, for a, er demonstration." Lily felt weird talking all formal.  She noticed Kendra was not there.  She seemed fine at breakfast, and if something happened like Malfoy, or even McLaggen she would have known, McGonagal would have told her.  Right?  Harry got up and went to the door.  "Where is Kendra?" Lily asked "I don't know, she has been gone all morning, I thought you would know.  They turned onto the next corridor to see Kendra lying there, and once again McLaggen smirking over her.  Was Kendra dead? No, McLaggen wanted to do a lot to her but he would not be smiling if she were dead, though he could have sex with her corpse. That's what he meant when he said "and some other things."  Lily ran up to Kendra.  She was cold, but not dead.  "Harry, go get McGonagal now, and tell her someone else needs to teach DADA. Lily sat next to Kendra.  "You're a filthy disgusting revolting bastard.  You're too awful to get a mate so you knock her out to get what you want. I would give you detention but I don't want to be anywhere near you. You make me sick, and I swear if i had the power, I would expel you, even send you to azkaban, I'd even like to kill you, not Avada Kadavra though, something more long and painful, more suffering." Lily did not even hate Malfoy this much. When someone messed with someone she loved, it didnt fly.  "You've made a big mistake"  Lily finally said.  McGonagal and Harry rushed down the corridor.  McGonagal looked worried.  "I'm sorry Ms. Macy she'll have to be taken to St. Mundgos.  You can visit her this weekend though."  Lily would have punched McLaggen if McGonagal weren't right there.  Kendra opened her eyes.  "So I guess you found out my secret?"  


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