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Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


3. Malfoy's Secret

When they woke up they had five minutes to get DADA. Lily could now be late, and she could let Kendra come in late, of course that look bad though “Ok, first we will start out with Mr. Malfoy reading his apology”  Malfoy read it and you could tell he put no time into it.  It was three sentences, and the first was “I’m sorry I disturbed class”  “Ok now, I have chosen four of you to read your essays, Ms. Smith,” She pointed at Kendra and she stood up and read her paper

“The unforgivable curses can affect someone’s life in many dramatic ways.  Death, memory loss, going mad, and many other affects. Unforgivable curse are hard to overcome.  Being in severe pain, that feeling will never go away.  You could be killed, or arrested because of being under the imperius curse.  Dying, cannot be undone, just two words, and you are dead.  Many people die from not just the killing curse but the other two as well.  St Mundgo’s sees many unforgivable curse victims, going mad from the pain, or doing something from the imperius curse, losing your memory, all because of a simple flick of the wand and a word or two”

Kendra paused. The whole class was staring at her. 

“The imperius curse, is usually thought to be the least worst of the three, but I strongly disagree.  People have been arrested, killed, lost their families because of this. They aren’t even aware it’s happening.  The worst part is, is that most people around you aren’t aware.  It could seriously ruin your life.  I, er, know someone who was put under the imperius curse and ended up getting killed because of it.  I know of another person who was arrested because of it.  Ruining someone’s life, is unforgivable.

The cruciatus curse, probably causes the most pain, but the least after affect, however there is an after affect. That feeling of pain, will never go away.  Some people have been traumatized because of it.  People have fallen dead because of it.  People have been driven crazy due to the sever amount of suffering.  Causing someone that much pain is unforgivable.

The killing curse, is the quickest one to happen.  You just drop dead.  Death is a hard subject to deal with, anyway.  But dealing with murder, is the most difficult. If someone kills you, you’re dead, that’s all.  But they have killed your life, your ability to do anything, your happiness, and its unfair.  Killing someone is definitely unforgivable”

As Kendra ended you could hear the emotion in her voice. “Very good Ms. Smith, now Mr. Malfoy,” Malfoy stood up and started to speak “I only wrote one paragraph, because I think this is the stupidest assignment,

 I don’t understand why everyone thinks that these spells are so unforgivable.  What’s unforgivable is that my father got locked up for having fun!  Why can’t you see someone suffer if it joys you?  Locking someone up for having fun, is the stupidest ****ing thing I’ve ever heard”

“Mr. Malfoy, I didn’t feel the need of what was and wasn’t appropriate to say, don’t worry, we’ll talk about it tonight at your detention.”  Lily said “You know you want it from me”  “Twenty points from Slytherin and sit down without a word if you don’t want to be sent to the headmaster, pardon me, sorry, Now Mr. Potter,” Harry and Abagayle read theirs, and though she didn’t want to admit it, Kendra really liked Abagayle’s essay. “Ok now the four of you who read them come up here and we will vote.  Professor Dumbledore has asked me to pick a student to read their paragraph Sunday at dinner, to show the,  er, younger students how important it is.  Now I chose these four because you all have had traumatic experiences with these curses” They voted and Harry got a few votes, Malfoy got two, Crabbe and Goyle, Kendra got nine and Abagayle got eight. “Ok, Kendra you will read yours, you also get twenty house points, Abagayle you get fifteen, Harry ten points, Draco five points”  Lily felt weird calling him Draco.  “Now, for the rest of class, we will work on nonverbal spells.  So partner up and have a silent duel.”  Kendra and Hermione partnered up and they both did very good.  Lily awarded both of them ten points.  Harry and Ron, however did dreadfully.  “Ok, not bad for a first time, um class is over. Mr. Malfoy, Don’t forget I’ll see you tonight- and don’t say it” They all left and Lily passed Snape on her way out “I can’t say how happy I am that I no longer have to teach you and your friends.”  “Why because we could beat you in a duel or because were blood traitors and muggle borns?”  Lily would never have said that if she was still in Snape’s class, and not a teacher.  “I don’t have the authority to give you detention anymore, not being your teacher, but I can take away house points for rule breaking.”  “Not breaking any rules sir,”  “Not yet” Lily walked away and ran to charms being a few minutes late.  Luckily, now that she taught, professors would allow her to be a few minutes late.  “Sorry Professor,” “It’s alright just get started.  Lily ran into Malfoy on the way to the Great Hall for lunch.  “Lily, do I really have to come to detention? Couldn’t you just knock off some points?”  “No, you’re coming”  “Fine but, tonight I’ll tell you a secret, not here, it’s too private, personal.  Lily returned to the Great Hall and sat next to Kendra.  “Malfoy has to tell me something tonight, I think he might say he’s a deatheater, I need you and Harry to stay under the invisibility cloak, in case I need backup, I mean I can handle him, but you know, I know what he can do and I don’t want to kill him in defense, I don’t think that the ministry can overlook that again, especially since they hate me.”  “Ok fine, oh Harry said Quidditch tryouts are tonight, at seven, Malfoy’s detention should be over by then, right?”   “er yea I’m pretty sure,”  Kendra went back to the common room for break while Lily went down to teach the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff first years.  “Hello first years, how are you liking Hogwarts?” In response she got a “good: or “ok” or just nods “Ok, the first thing we are going to learn is how to disarm someone, does anyone her know that spell?”  A boy in Ravenclaw raised his hand “Uh, yes,” Lily didn’t know his name “Charles” The boy said “and the spell is called Expeliramus” Lily smiled “Yes, ten points for Gry, er sorry used to saying that with my sixth years, ten points to Ravenclaw. Today, we will learn how to disarm someone who is standing still, and next week you will work on disarming someone who is actually dueling, now this might seem like a lot, when I was a first year this class was not as , sat essential as it is now. I’m sorry, but you’ll learn I don’t sugar coat things, Voldemort and his death eaters will have no problem killing you,  by the end of the year, my goal is for you to be able to hold off a death eater, at least for a few minutes.”  They did way better than Lily had expected.  The door opened and Lily thought it was McGonnagal, but it turned out to be Malfoy.  “CRUC—“ Malfoy said as pointed at a first year but the Lily interrupted “Expeliramus! Petrificus Totalus!”  Malfoy fell and Lily walked over to him “Oh, Mr. Malfoy, yet another thing to discuss during your detention, that will start at four, now as for points, 20 off for disrupting a class, 50 off for attempt of an unforgivable curse, now go,”  Lily was flustered “The rest of the period is yours, you may talk or work on other homework, and don’t, never mind”  She was going to tell them not to do any inappropriate magic, but they barely know any.  Lily was writing a report on Malfoy, a punishment file, explaining what he did, the punishment, any other consequences, house points deducted, and a few other things. “Class dismissed” Lily said. It was a double lesson so she went straight to the common room. “Malfoy’s detention is in twenty minutes, come on,’ Lily told Kendra and Harry. “Wait do you have like your own office?”  “Kinda, its smaller though, Dumbledore charmed the office so it had two parts, but mine is a little smaller than the other professors. Ok let’s go” They went back to Lily’s office.  Malfoy showed up, surprisingly on time.  “Ok, so what’s the point of this, detention, you wanna have a little fun?” Lily sighed “No and stop the implication, that I want to do something with you, I don’t.”  Kendra begin to laugh but quickly stopped.  “Malfoy, you are acting like a child in class and being completely inappropriate, now write an apology, a real one, and you’ll read it in class on Thursday.”  Malfoy reluctantly grabbed a quill out of his bag and began to write.  “Now for that secret, and I swear if you tell anyone, I’ll kill Smith, not you, you’re too pretty. Ok,”  Malfoy pulled up his sleeve an Lily saw the dark mark, clear as day on his wrist. “I’m a death eater,”  The rest of the detention went by, and Harry and Kendra made sure to stay extra quiet, and all of them wand in hand.  “Ok, you can go now.”  Lily told Malfoy.  He walked out and a few minutes liater they followed and went to the Quidditch pitch. It was very crowded, and Harry started by having groups of five fly around the Quidditch pitch.  The first group had some Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.  “If anyone else is not in Gryffindor, you should leave now!  Harry yelled angrily.  First he tried keepers.  The first few missed all of them, most of the people trying out only save one or two, McLaggen saved four and Lily and Ron both saved five.  Harry didn’t want to say this, but he knew Lily would do better, so he made Ron a chaser.  Kendra and Katie Bell were also chaser and Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote were the beaters that Harry had to settle for.  McLaggen was furious “Well then I want to be a seeker, why did Weasley get to be on the team?  “I’m the seeker and Ron got on because him and Lily tied, and I don’t think Lily would make a good chaser” He couldn’t say Lily was a better keeper in front of Ron.  “Well I don’t think it’s fair that we didn’t have trials for the seeker!”  “I’m seeker, and I could definitely beat you, besides how would I be the captain if I wasn’t on the team!”  Harry was now furious.  “Nice tryouts, huh?” Kendra said sarcastically.  They returned to the common room.  “Pretty nice team, I mean we could defiantly win.”  “Yeah, I guess” Lily said, though she thought last year’s team was better.  “I mean, Lily’s the best keeper I know, and you Ron and Katie are pretty good chasers, but the beaters aren’t that great, but I mean no one really is good compared to Fred and George.”  They went to sleep. 

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