Home is Where Hogwarts is

Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


9. Lily's Revenge

"Ron!  Do us all a favor and shut up!"  Lily couldn't take this.  She was processing everything. "I can't believe McLaggen, he should definitely be a Slytherin!"  Harry said. "You know what, he's not getting away with this, we've gotta get revenge"  "Yea, but last year's revenge plan on Umbridge didn't exactly work so well, remember? We all lost house points and got detention, five people died and all she got was a 'warning'" Kendra reminded them. "Well, then we've got to make this one fool proof, I'll sleep on it."


Lily stayed up all night planning the perfect revenge plot. She considered exposing him, but that would embarrass Kendra as well.  She also considered telling Dumbledore he did something to get him expelled, but Snape would definitely find a way to argue, but then it hit her.  The best plan ever, one that would bring him pain, make him learn. Yes, this was definitely a great plan. 


Lily woke up Tuesday ready for this perfect plan.  She walked into the DADA classroom.  "Today," She said. "We will learn the personal effects of the cruciatus curse. How we will do this is by selecting a student and have them get cursed. and have them explain how it feels." Lily said. It was a long shot but hopefully it would work.  There was a knock on the door. "Ms. Macy, all professors are asked to meet in Professor Dumbledore's office." She lost her chance, she couldn't pull this again.  She reluctantly followed McGonagall. in Dumbledore's office and sure enough all professors were in there.  "As it may have been brought to your attention, students have been able to leave Hogwarts, and return without staff's or most of staff's knowledge." He looked from Snape to Lily.  "Yes Ms. Macy should have told us about this." Snape said "Oh right, that's why you didnt" Lily smiled.  You could see a faint smile on McGonagall's face. "As, this, every night I would like two staff members guarding the entrance, if students are able to get in and out, enemies can as well, tonight I would like Horrace and Lily, and tomorrow Minerva and Severus." McGonagall's smile disappeared. Everyone started to leave "Ms. Macy, please stay, I wish to speak with you," Lily turned around and stayed. What did he want? "Now Lily, I know you are a very good Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, and I would like you back next year, teaching all years." Lily smiled "Of course uhm I would love to." Dumbledore continued to speak. "Professor MCGonagall has decided that next year, you should be head of Gryffindor house." Wow! Head of House. "I'd of course! Lily ate dinner and then met Slughorn to do her shift. "You've got a real talent for potion making, and your friends too, Harry and Ms. Smith" Several hours went by and then there was something most peculiar  on The Maureders map. Cormac McLaggen was sneaking in through the entrance under the candy shop. "Professor, I have put Popping Pieces by all entrences, and one of  them just popped, follow me." They went down the corridor and Lily walked to the entrence under the candy shop. "I didn't hear anything" Lily knew this would happen" Well, only i can hear it, you don't want any one sneaking in to know" There was no such thing as a 'popping piece'. They finally got there, and sure enough Cormac McLaggen was standing there.  "What are you doing here?" Lily asked "I was just er getting some fresh air." Lily smiled, "Professor, do you have any Veritaserum handy?"  McLaggen gave her a death stare. "Let's just say this is my revenge" She whispered.

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