Home is Where Hogwarts is

Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


7. Kendra's Secret

Secret? What secret? Lily didnt know Kendra had a secret.  She went to her dormitory and worked on her homework, she had a few minutes before lunch.  At lunch she went up to the Hufflepuff table and tapped on Joey's shoulder. "Er, excuse me Joey, but I'm afraid a problem popped up and I have to reschedule, so how about Wednesday night?"  "Oh, uhm sure thank you" Joey said.  Lily noticed Dumbledore was missing.  Ginny walked up to Lily.  "Kendra was taken to St. Mundgo's?" She asked doubtfully "Er, yes, McLaggen er knocked her out."  "Yea he wanted to have sex with her" Ron said and the whole Great Hall went silent. "Don't say that word" Lily said as she shaked in disgust. "Ron, is being immature, but anyway, can I come with you to see her? I need to talk to her."  Wait, was Ginny apart of this 'secret'? Is that why she wanted to talk to her? "Oh. er sure I think, you would have to talk with McGonagal." Lily wanted her to go, maybe she could find out about this "secret" She didnt really want to, but maybe she would have to ease drop.  Kendra sounded  sort of worried or scared when she said that.  Was Ginny helping her?  Lily must have zoned out because Harry was shaking her. "Lily, are you ok?"  Lily nodded.  She didnt go to classes the rest of the day, neither did Harry.  "Hey, do you know anything about Ginny, like if she has been doing something? I'm not good at Legimency, just Occlumency" Lily said. "I'm not good a either, and no, why you think she knows Kendra's secret?"  "No, I think  she IS Kendra's secret" Lily said. Ginny walked in.  "Ginny, do you know why Kendra would be scared, or worried or something like that?"  Lily asked, it was a long shot, but worth a try. "Er, no" She was lying.  She didnt ask why, because she knew why.  Lily went to dinner, she might have been upset but she didnt stop eating because of it.  She noticed Malfoy and McLaggen talking.  "You had sex?  How I like to try that on Lily next time I get a chance." Lily thought that was sickening, she would barge once she had enough information. "Yea, and get this, she didnt want to but if she didnt I tell everyone her little secret."  McLaggen laughed.  "So, why was that bitch unconcious sometimes?"  Malfoy asked "See, that's the funniest part, she didnt want people to know, so if she heard someone coming, i'd knock her out, she was totally aware of the say, action"  McLaggen seemed too happy.  "So, what was that bitch's secret?" Malfoy asked. "It wouldnt be a secret if I told you, now would it?" Lily walked in. She punched Malfoy in the nose, "You bastard don't support him!"  Then came McLaggen. She punched him, then kicked him and finally he was laying there a bloody mess.  "You're brave I see, let's see how brave you are when Snape finds out. "You think I give a fuck?Well I don't!"  Lily, believe it or not, usually didn't curse, but if she was completely angered there was no way to stop her.


Kendra awoke in a room in St. Mundgo's. Lily knew her secret, Lily probably thinks she is stupid, that she could have died.  If McLaggen never caught her, she wouldn't be in this mess.  There was a knock on  the door. Ginny walked in. "Is Lily here?" Kendra asked "Yes" Ginny gave a slight smile, she wondered if Kendra told Lily.  "You didnt tell Lily?  Did you?" "No, she's talking to your caregiver, there is a potion that you'll have to take for about a month, and Lily will give it to you, well she has to make it too, it only last about two days before it goes bad."  Lily heard all of this. she needed to know Kendra's secret.  "Kendra, does Lily even know we were leaving the castle?"  "No, if she did I would have to tell her,"  "Well, we need to stop. We couldn't find Voldemort, and we were nearly killed."  "Snape knows, McLaggen told him."  Ginny's face turned white. "Does he also know we killed that deatheater?"  Lily's jaw dropped.  Kendra, Kendra Smith killed someone. She couldn't believe it.  She remembered reading about it in The Daily Prophet, though they figured it was one of his deatheater friends.  "Lily can't know, she won't tell but she will be confused." Lily walked in, it was time to confront this problem.

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