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Lily and Kendra are two bffs who have to face the troubles of Voldemort being at rise. In their sixth year, they will discover love is and friendship is more powerful than hate, and is what they will need to win this war


1. Dumbledore's Meeting

     Lily awoke in the bed that used to belong to Charlie Weasley. It was a few weeks into summer holidays and she broke her arm when she crashed into a tree when Fred and George tried to set Ron’s butt on fire but accidently hit her.  Mrs. Weasley was furious and mended her bone with stuff Mr. Weasley got from work.  Harry walked in and sat down on her bed, followed by Kendra. ”hey,” Kendra said.  “It’s time for breakfast!” Mrs. Weasley yelled. 

     Harry handed her a letter that appeared to have been read.  “It was for both of us from Dumbledore, er he is meeting us tonight, you first then he’ll drop you off and come get me.  I dunno why he couldn’t just take both of us at the same time.”  Harry finished talking as Mrs. Weasley yet again yelled “This is the third time, breakfast is ready.”   Lily walked into the kitchen and sat down. “You’re school lists should arrive tomorrow and then we will go to Diagon Alley to get all of your supplies.  Lily, you look like you could use a new robe, as do Harry and Ron, Kendra, you look fine.  Oh and Lily, Professor McGonagall sent and owl, I haven’t read it yet, seeing as it is from Hogwarts, don’t think there would be anything bad in there, though how would there be?  Our mail is being checked.” 

     Lily grabbed the envelope wondering what McGonnagal would want.  Once they were done eating they went outside and Lily opened her letter.  It was addressed to Dumbledore and it was about all the new security actions that were being in place at Hogwarts. “It tells you how to get dark objects in and people in, of course Dumbledore might need to bring a dark object in for examination or something, but why would it be from McGonagall?  The more Lily looked at it, the less it looked like McGonagall’s writing.  Kendra looked at it “That’s not from McGonagall, is it?”  Lily shook her head “No, but I can’t figure out who it is from, but whoever it is didn’t mean for it to be sent here, it seems like a death eater move, and these security measures seem realistic.”  They tried to figure out the letter, but couldn’t identify the writing.  

     It was now time for Lily to go with Dumbledore.  Dumbledore arrived in the Weasley’s living room and took Lily to a little wizard café. “Martha, do you have an extra room, where I could conference with someone.”  The short wizard showed them to a room which only hade three chairs and a tiny coffee table. “Good Evening Lily”  “Good Evening” “Now, I’m going to speak for a while, but I ask you would hold all questions, comments or concerns until I am done speaking.”  Lily nodded and Dumbledore continued.  “I do have reasons for my decisions, that at the time I do not think it would be good to share.  You are a very smart which, I could see why it would have been hard for the Sorting Hat to decide which house to place you in.  Anyhow I know you have not received your OWL results yet, but I do know you received all O’s, very rare and because of this you will be taking 7th year level classes, except for Defense Against the Dark Arts.  You will teach the first and sixth year and I will give you private lessons, some with Harry, some without.  As a teacher, you can choose if they call you ‘Professor Macy’ or just simply ‘Lily’.  You will sit at the Gryffindor table during meals.  Now, do you have any questions?”  Lily thought for a moment and let it all sink in. “No I don’t think so” Lily smiled. They returned and Dumbledore took Harry with him.  “What did Dumbledore want?” Kendra asked. “A lot, let’s go in our room.”  Once they got into the room Lily basically recited everything that Dumbledore said. 

     “Wow, a seventh year, and a teacher, and you got straight O’s, I’m not surprised though,” They talked and eventually fell asleep.  Kendra was awoken by a loud scream which belonged to Lily.  Kendra looked up to see Lily’s face covered in blood and Mrs. Weasley and Harry ran into the room.  Lily didn’t know what happened but she said she dreamd about Malfoy trying to kill her.  Hermione said that she must have had some RealDream potion which makes your dreams actually happen.  It only lasted for 24 hours but it could be very dangerous especially if the person was controlling your dreams.

Their school lists and OWL results arrived.  Kendra ripped open her OWL results.

The OWL results of Kendra Smith

O-Outstanding                       P-Poor

E-Exceeds Expectation          D-Dreadful

A-Acceptable                       T-Troll


Defense Against the Dark Arts- O

Herbology                          O

Transfiguration                    E

Muggle Studies                  A

Potions                              O

Care of Magical Creature  O

Charms                              E

Divination                          A

Astronomy                        O

Lily looked at Kendra’s results.  “Wow, good job 5 O’s” Kendra was shocked she scored way better than she thought she had.  Lily already knew her results.  She looked at her supplies list.  Harry looked over her shoulder.  “Why don’t we have the same lists? And why do you need two DADA books, a first year and sixth year?”  Lily hadn’t told anyone but Kendra. When she finished explaining there was much conversation about it. 

    “Seriously! Wow that’s great!”  Hermione said, but you could hear the tone of disappointment in her voice, like she deserved it.  Which Lily knew she did, but not as a DADA teacher.  “Great, but you’ll still help us with our homework right? But who will help us in class?”  Lily smiled “Hermione and Kendra? Or you could pay attention during class.”  Lily joked.  “I’m just glad we have you as a DADA teacher.  Professor Macy just has a nice ring to it.”  Lily hated the sound of ‘Professor Macy’ she hated it when Dumbledore said it, last night when her and Kendra tried it out, and just now when Harry said it. “No!  Not Professor Macy.  Dumbledore said I could just use Lily.” 

    They arrived at Diagon Alley and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley went to Flourish and Blot’s when Lily Kendra Hermione Ron and Harry went to get new robes even though Kendra didn’t need one because hers was too small, but it was pretty worn out.  When they walked in the saw Malfoy.  “Lily, why don’t you sit with me on the Hogwarts Express, whether than sitting with these mud bloods and blood traitors. “We don’t use those words in my shop” Madam Malkin snapped at them.  “Don’t touch my arm” Malfoy said and held his sleeve down. Kendra couldn’t see well but it look like his arm was bruised or something.

    They exited the shop and met Mrs. Weasley at Fred and Georges shop. “Wow this is amazing” Kendra exclaimed. “I know right? Lily replied.  They saw Fred and George.  “Hello Lily, how are you doing?” George said. “And you Kendra, you look great today, anything either of you want, you can get for free.” George said.  Lily got some ink that you drop over a piece of parchment and it tells you if the person cheated.  Kendra got all of those sick snacks, like puking pastels and fever fudges and a little bottle where you trap a person voice and open to hear it.

    They noticed that Malfoy was storming out without his mother.  Lily broke away and started to follow him.  She passed by Harry and grabbed the invisibility cloak out of his pocket.  Kendra, Harry Hermione and Ron followed. They didn’t need the cloak due to the practically deserted streets.  Lily followed Malfoy into Borgin and Burkes and barely got through the door.  “I need to know how to fix it.” Malfoy said.  “Well did you bring it?” Borgin asked.  “No, but I need to fix it, save that one for me, I’ll be back” Malfoy said angrily and pointed to a cabinet.  “Why should I?  Other people want that?”  Malfoy pulled up his sleeve and held out his hand. “Does this change your mind?”  Malfoy walked out and Lily followed.

    She met them outside and pulled the invisibility cloak off. “Malfoy, what did he show Borgin?” Kendra asked “I don’t know, there was nothing in his hand, but he did pull up his sleeve, whatever it was, Borgin’s face went white, and Malfoy want some sort of cabinet, I don’t know why, and how to fix something.” They returned to Fred and George’s and played it off as they were in the back room and Mr. Weasley looked doubtfully at them.  They returned to the burrow and got everything packed back in their trunks. Kendra packed and noticed that Lily had fallen asleep.  Kendra packed the rest of Lily’s stuff and went to bed.

    They awoke in the morning and took ministry cars to king’s cross station. They boarded the train and found a compartment.  Harry looked at Lily and Lily spoke “I know this might sound crazy, but do you think Malfoy could be a deatheater?”  Hermione said “Do you really think you-know-who would want anything from Malfoy? I mean sure he’s tried to kill people but never succeeded,” Lily had already figured everything out. “Ok, then explain this.  Malfoy looks very pale and sick, like his life is on the line, he wouldn’t ley Madam Malkin pull up his sleeve, and he pulled up his sleeve and showed Borgin something that scared the hell out of him.”  Hermione had nothing to say after this.  Harry agreed with her, Kendra and Ron saw both sides and Hermione didn’t even think it was a possibility. 

    A first year arrived at their compartment and handed Harry and Lily letters from Slughorn Lily and Harry went to the little get together and it was very unpleasant.  She didn’t pay attention until Slughorn said “and Ms. Macy here, I hear, is a very bright which, taking seventh year classes and got all O’s on her OWL exam.”  Cormac McLaggen, a Gryffindor, snarled. “Yes, I am quite excited” Though the words were true, he tone Lily used sounded fake. “Oh dear look at the time, you’d all better change into your robes. “I’ll catch up with you later,” Harry told Lily and she went back to her compartment. 

    When Lily got back Kendra looked shocked.  “A Gryffindor named Cormac McLaggen just walked by and as he passed by he blew me a kiss and stuck a note to the door.”  Kendra handed Lily the note: You’re a charm.  “Wow not very er romantic, but he definitely fancies you” They arrived at Hogwarts and got off the train.  Lily was searching for Harry but assumed that he already got off the train.  They walked into the great hall to begin their sixth year at Hogwarts

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