The Youtuber

Maddie was just your average girl making youtube videos. She knew all of the youtube people and they all knew her. She has a huge crush on Kian Lawley, and she eventually meets him, but what happens when a member of One Direction falls for Maddie? Will her friend Lily fall in love with someone?


3. Meeting the Guys

Maddie's POV

I pressed the record button and started recording. I just did my intro and now I am going to announce my big news. "So guys I have something very excited to tell you that.... I AM MEETING ONE DIRECTION!!! I know I know I am so lucky but I mean I have to interview them soo yeah bye I love you stay sweet my little munchkins!" I blew a kiss and ended the video. *Beep Beep* my phone vibrated on the table. OH MY GOD ITS KIAN LAWLEY!!! I am freaking out like oh my god I have so many questions running through my mind like how did he get my number, does he watch my videos, oh and I should probably open his text

*K= Kian M= Maddie*

K: hey is this Maddie??

M: yes this is

K: great! um me and the O2L guys were wondering of you wanted to do a collab with us

M: yeah that sounds great when?

K: how about you meet us at Starbucks at 1?

M: yeah that sounds fine see you then

K: k see you then!

OMFG KIAN LAWLEY JUST ASKED ME TO HANG OUT WITH HIM AND THE REST OF O2L!! I better get ready because it is already 12.

Harry's POV

"Guy's get in here Maddixx (not a real account) posted a new video!" I heard Zayn say.

We all ran into the living room and sat infront of his computer and watched her video.

"So guys I have something very excited to tell you that.... I AM MEETING ONE DIRECTION!!!" we stopped the video and stared at each other in shock.


"ohhh does hazza have a little crush on someone?" louis asked. "no" i responded very quickly. The guys stared at me because I responded so quickly. "Lets go out and celebrate guys" I said so that it was less awkward. "Ok" liam said and with that we left.

Hey guys that was it for chapter one hope you liked it i will make sure to update as soon as i can. love you guys. xx

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