The Youtuber

Maddie was just your average girl making youtube videos. She knew all of the youtube people and they all knew her. She has a huge crush on Kian Lawley, and she eventually meets him, but what happens when a member of One Direction falls for Maddie? Will her friend Lily fall in love with someone?


1. Madison Rose

Wassup you guys its Maddie!!!! I am 19 years old turning 20 on August 29. Hold up hold up I know thats Liam Payne's birthday whatever IDC. Get a hold of yourselves people. Anyways, I have long straight ombré hair. ( brown to blonde) I have bright blue eyes and live in LA, California. I grew up though in New Jersey. I have many friends but only have one BEST BEST BESTFRIEND and her name is Lily. My best youtube friend though would have to be Zoella. After Lily she knows me the best probably. ILY ZOE!!! I have a youtube channel and have 3 million subscribers. Ahhh!!! I think i know almost everyone that has a youtube channel. ANYWHORE I am going to go. BYEEE!! STAY SWEET MY LITTLE MUNCHKINS.

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