The Youtuber

Maddie was just your average girl making youtube videos. She knew all of the youtube people and they all knew her. She has a huge crush on Kian Lawley, and she eventually meets him, but what happens when a member of One Direction falls for Maddie? Will her friend Lily fall in love with someone?


2. Lily Rodriquez

Hola muchachos!! My name is Lily but almost everybody I known calls me Lil. I have dark brown almost black curly hair and bright green eyes. You may or not be wondering why I have green eyes so I WILL TELL YOU. My mom is American but my dad is Hispanic so ya! I also live in LA, California like Maddie and we live together. BESTIES FOREVER AND EVER. Unlike Maddie though, I do not have a youtube channel but i am friends with them though thanks to Maddie. well i have to go so see ya! ADIOS MIS AMIGOS!!

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