One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


20. Stephanie and Niall

--Stephanie's P.O.V.--

I walk into my apartment and flop onto the couch. What a freaking day!! I kick my shoes off and take my coat off. It's really cold outside and I had the worst day at work! I turn the tv on and watch whatever. I soon get hungry so I go into the kitchens nd pit a bag of popcorn in the microwave. I go back to the couch and fall asleep.


Im at a concert. But not any concert, a One Direction concert! I scream and cheer my heart out. After the show, I realize that I have a backstage pass. I meet all the boys and it's amazing!! Plus, Niall kissed my cheek!! I start to walk to my car but I'm pulled behind a truck. I strike the person holding me with my keys. He swears and lets go of me. I get up and run but somebody else catches me. The same guy comes over and they tackle me into the back of a van. 

We finally stop and they stop it short, causing me to hit the seat. They chuckle and I swear at them. They open the door and bring me into some warehouse. They bring a chair over and tie me to it. I struggle but one of the guys clicks a gun at my head. I freeze and reposition myself. Then, they speak. "Now, we saw you with one of the band members and he kissed you. So, you call him and ask him for money and he gets you back, safe and sound. If not, your dead." the men chuckle. "We aren't dating." I tell the men. They whisper amongst themselves. "That doesn't matter, he will still probably want to save his precious fan." and they chuckle again. I roll my eyes.

They pull out a phone and dial Niall's phone number. "Hello?" he asks groggily. "Hello, um, I was at the concert tonight and you met me and my name is Stephanie." I tell him, scared to death. Then men have two guns pointed at my back. I hear rustling. "Ok, what's up?" he asks, awake and interested. Oh nothing, I've just benn kidnapped and I need 45,000 dollars so I can go home."Ive been in and incident and I need $45,000." I tell him. "What?!" he yells. "Where are you and why do you need that much money." "I-" the guy takes the phone away. "Stephanie is unavailable right now. "- he kicks me hard and I scream-" and can't come to the phone! So just come to the address and give the money and you both walk away unharmed."-grabs a knife and drag sit across my arm, causing me to scream bloody murder (very loud screaming)- I look at my arm and see it dripping blood. "He has 20 minutes to get here or else your dead!" and they both chuckle.

"I'm here." and I see Niall standing the doorway out of breath. One man goes up to Niall, pointing a gun and the other holds me out of the chair, pointing a gun at my head. The put a rag in my mouth and tied me up so I could stand. "Give me the money and I drop my gun. Deal?" the guy says, walking towards Niall. He nods and hands the guy the sack. The guy opens it as he drops his gun. He scowls but sees that Niall has the gun. "Let us go and you both live." he says, threatening. The guy nods and snaps his fingers and I hear the barrel click. 

"I say that we both live and you little fan dies. Hm? That better?" he laughs. I gulp and look down. Goodbye. I hear a gun shot, but I'm not crumpling in pain. I see a guy dead and the one holding me in shock. Niall shoves that guy and shoots him. He unites me and sees my arm. "I called the cops. Don't worry. Everything will be fine." he tells me and the cops barge in. They see the dead men and question me and Niall while my arm is being fixed up. 

-Cople of days later- (Still in dream)

My phone rings and I answer it. "Hello?" I ask. "Hi. Um it's Niall." Me and Niall came friends. I know, odd. But still. "Hey, what's up?" "Can you come over please?" "Sure!" I answer, without thinking. I grab my keys and go to my car.

I get to Niall's and I knock. He answers it and ushers me inside. "So, what do you want?" I ask. "Oh yeah. I really like you- like LIKE you, Stephanie. Ever since I saw you at the concet, I couldn't help but think about you! So, will you be my girlfriend?" he asks. I nod and kiss him. "Oh, one more thing!" he says. "What?" I ask. "Wake up. Wake up Stephanie! Wake up!!"

-End Dream-

I wake up and see my husband, Niall Horan. I guess I did get married. Hm. "I got your popcorn and found you asleep on the couch. Plus, your popcorn is burnt." he tells me. I nodand think about my dream. I guess I really do love Niall. Wow! "How was your nap?" he asks. "Um"-interseting-"good. How was your day?" I ask him. "Good." he answers and I snuggle up to him and eat burnt popcorn with him. I love him so much.


Hope you like it. Sorry it's so weird. I'll do more, I promise! Bye- For now!! -NiallerIsMineForever

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