One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


3. Sadie and Louis

Sadie's P.O.V.

I slam the front door shut. "I'm home." I call. Me and Louis are married. I couldn't wish for a better husband. "I'm upstairs." He calls back. I take my shoes and coat off and go upstairs with him. "Hey." I say and sit on the end of the bed. He's watching tv, I think some game. "Hey. How was your day?" He asks not looking at me. "Good. You?" "Fine. Like every day." I go downstairs and heat up some leftover pasta. Our 5-year-old daughter comes running into the kitchen. "Mommy!" She exclaims. I pick her up and we rub our noses together. "Hey buttercup. How was Aunt Perrie's?" I ask. The boys were busy so we had Perrie watch her. "Fun! We ate carrots! And played games!" She said happily. Her stomach growled and we both giggled. "You want carrots?" I said getting some. "No, I want peaches." I heard Louis drop to his knees, dramatically. "My own daughter doesn't want carrots." He said sad. I chuckled. "Yeah, ashame. Maybe we should give her away and get a daughter who likes carrots." I say looking at Louis. He fake cries. Elizabeth starts to cry and she rushes to the fridge. She takes all the carrots and tries to eat them all. " carrots......see!?" She says still crying. "Oh. We were kidding come here." I say and I hug her. I kiss her forehead and get her peaches. 

Elizabeth is in bed and me and Louis are in bed. "You know. We could get another child." He says. "We can't do it Louis. She's right down the hall." I say looking at him. He shuts the door and looks at me. "Now?" I groan. "Fine." I say. He smiles and we do it. It's just like I remember. I moan. "You like that?" I nod and we finish soon. I change and we climb into bed. He wears his boxers. We fall asleep.

*weeks later*

I decide to take a pregnancy test. I wait for he result. C'mon, c'mon. It says I'm pregnant. Yay! Another child! "Yay!" I say. "You ok Sadie?" Louis asks chuckling. I throw it away and leave the bathroom. "I'm pregnant." I say and he smiles. "2 great children and one beautiful wife." He says. He kisses me on the lips.


I hope you like it Sadie. Sorry it's so short. Guys, she was the first one to comment, I'll try to do some others tomorrow. Well, bye-Niall's lover

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