One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


11. Makayla and Louis

I run Dow. The stairs and grab my phone, purse, and car keys. I run out to my car, start it up, and drive. Louis just texted me saying I could come to Liam's since everybody was hanging out there. I wasn't as thrilled since it was Liam's. He has a crush on me and he always gets excited when I'm around. It's weird and makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't want to tell Louis cause I know it would cause a problem between them. I get there and I go inside. "Hey!" I here the boys call. "Hey." I say and sit down on Louis's lap. The brought their girlfriends. Zayn and Liam are playing some video game, Niall is eating- of course-, and Harry is watching. Louis on the other hand, is petting my hair. "What are you doing?" I ask him. "Petting your hair. It's soft." He whispers. I nod. He can be so strange sometimes. "How was your day Makayla?" Liam asks, without looking away. The boys chime in saying "yeahs." "Good. Yours?" I ask him and the boys. The all begin talking at once and I giggle. I go into the kitchen and grab something to drink. As I close the fridge door, I hear Zayn yell. "YOU CHEATED!!! THATS NOT FAIR!!!" I laugh quietly. I hear someone come into the kitchen and it's Liam. "Yeah?" I say. I know he wants to talk to me. "Nothing...." I sigh and continue to drink my coke. He watches me. Creepy a little. "Makayla?" He asks. "Yeah?" I ask him putting my drink down. He pushes me against the wall and starts to kiss my neck and jawline. I kick him in his manhood and he lands on his knees on the floor. "Don't Liam! You know I'm dating!" I sat loudly but not too loudly. He gets up shakily. "But I could offer you so much more! I love you so much more too!!! Please Makayla....." He pleads. I give him a death stare. He looks down. "No! I already have Louis and I love him!! So just stop Liam!" I say and walk into the living room madly. I sit on the couch. "You ok Liam?" I hear Harry question. "Yeah, you ok?" Louis pipes in. I ball my fists and close my eyes. "Oh nothing, just sad I guess." He answers them. "Why?" Niall asks. I open my eyes and he looks at me I look out the window. He walks over to me and sits next to me. He grabs my hand and kisses the back. I know Louis will get mad. "Because....... Makayla broke my heart....." He says and everybody gasps. I jump up. "You want to go there?! You pushed me against the wall and started to kiss my neck and you made love bites!!!!" I say traveling my neck. Everybody sits there shocked and I was about to punch him when Louis put a hand on my shoulder. "Let's go........." He whispers in my ear. He leads me out the door and into his car. Well, god. "I'm so f*****g pissed at him!" He says banging the steering wheel. I rub his back and his eyes are pitch black. "Don't worry, i-it's fi-fine." I say tears escaping. He looks at me and becomes concerned. He sighs and hugs me. He drives us home and texts Zayn to bring my car back. We cuddle on the couch. He carries me upstairs and wraps me in his arms when we get in bed. "I love you......." He whispers. "I love you too ..." I say and we fall asleep. -------------------- Sorry it took me so long to update. I'm just busy. I hope you like it Makayla and I'll try and get to all of you lovely people tomorrow and I'll update my other books too. Also, I almost got 2 feet of snow!!! How exciting!! And I discovered lucid dreaming. I want to try it but I'm also scared too. Look it up it's pretty cool. Bye! - Niall's lover
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