One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


19. Jenny and Niall

--Niall's P.O.V.--

I sit down on the seat next to the window in Starbucks. I sigh, thinking how boring my day was. I take a sip of my coffee and just daydream. I get a text from Zayn. 

You need to come over to my place

Ok, be there in a few minutes

I grab my coffee and leave.

I get to Zayn's place and just enter, since we are like brothers! I go in the living room and the boys are there with some friends. Looks like a small party. I find Zayn. "What's this for?" I ask him. He smiles happily. "For my cousins birthday! I brought the boys cause I want to make her party special!!" he says and walks into the living room. I take my jacket off and hang it. I just sorta stand there, feeling awkward. Then, somebody shouts. "Guys!!! She's coming!!!" We all hide and when she enters, we yell, "Surprise Jenny!!!!" She smiles wide and I notice that her brown eyes sparkle with excitement. Brown hair, brown eyes, beautiful. Louis passes me. He stops next to me. 

"You like her, don't you?" he smirks. I nod. "You barely know her! You saw her walk in and now you like her?" he questions. I nod again, speechless. "Weirdo!" he says and walks off. 

For the rest of the night, I just stand there, still feeling awkward. I eventually head outside and dip my feet in the pool. Somebody comes and joins me. It Jenny!! She does the same. She looks up and smiles. "I like to look at the stars. I think they are cool!" she says and smiles. I smile and look up. "Yeah. I guess they are pretty cool." We just sit there, splash our feet around. "Ahy aren't you inside, enjoying YOUR party?" I ask. She sighs. "I don't like big crowds. It gets tight, starts to smell of sweat, and it gets hot. I like small ones." (just making this up) I nod. 

--Jenny's P.O.V.--

I can't believe that im sitting right next to Niall Horan!!! I always thought he was cute! I thought I would never meet him with school and my job! But thanks to Zayn, I did!!! Oh my god!!! The wind kicks up and I shiver. He notices and scoots closer and puts his arm around me. Holy crap!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I smile. "Thanks." I whisper. "No problem." he says back. Then, he splashes me with his foot. I laugh and splash him back. He splashes harde and I return it to him. It turns into an all out splash war. I push him in and he resurfaces. "Heheh! Good one now c'mon and help me." he says. "No no! I'm not stupid Niall! You'll just pull me right in!" I say. We both chuckle and he gets out. He picks me up and jumps in with me in his arms. We both resurface and laugh. We get out and dry ourselves off.

Everybody inside is either making out, dancing, drinking, or passed out. Great party!! (sarcasm) I put the towel down and sit on the counter. "I'm glad everybody liked the party!" I say. I put my hands to my face. Nobody cares abou my birthday, after all. "Hey! Don't cry!!" Niall says. I then realize, that I'm crying! "I'm sorry. I should probably go. I need to go ask Zayn for some money for a hotel room, cause I'm not staying here!" I tell him. I gt up and walk off. "Wait! You can stay with me at my house! I have plenty of guest rooms and they are all clean!" he tells me. I look around. "I guess so...." I say slowly, unsure of what would happen. (not that way) He smiles that perfect smile and leads me out.

As I pull in behind him, it's the same size as Zayn's, but probably different. I grab a pair of sweats from my suitcase and go inside with Niall. "So this is it. I'll show you your room " and I follow him. We make it and I go inside. Wow! A king sized bed, huge closet, huge bathroom, and. Huge window! I live this room. "Make yourself at home!!" he says and leaves. I get changed and walk around. Wow! I flop onto the bed and lay there. My head is pounding, feet killing me, body aching!! Niall keeps his head into the room. "Well, I hope your comfortable! Can I get you anything?" he asks sweetly. "Um, Ibprofen?" I ask him. He nods and leaves. (A pain reliever) He comes back and sits on the bed with me. I take it and see him staring at me. It feels weird. "Um, can I help you Niall?" I ask him. He snaps out of it and blushes hard. I giggle and he blushes more. Suddenly, the power goes out. Thunder booms. Lightning crackles. And I can't see a thing. I hear Niall cuss under his breath.

Niall found a flashlight and leads me not his room. It got cold really fast. "Do you want to share the same room cause I'll give you extra blankets for the guest room." he says. "Uhm no. It's fine." We walk over to the bed and I climb in as he does. We sleep with our backs to each other.

I wake up and the sunlight shins in. Niall isn't in bed and I smell food. He must be maing breakfast. I walk downstairs and sit at the island. He gives me some bacon and stuff to eat. "So... How'd you sleep Jenny?" he asks. "Good. You?" I ask and nibble on bacon. "Fine. So when do you want to go home?" I gulp the bacon down. I think for a while. "Whenever you get sick of me." I suggest. He smiles and laughs with me. "Then you might as stay forever." he says. We bothe chuckle but stop immediately. He blushes and I get a conclusion. He must like me. "I...Uh....Thant came out wrong." he stutters. "Didn't sound like it." I say. He covers his face with his hands. Oh no. I peel his hands away and we are literally like 3 inches apart. "Sorry." he says. "Don't be." I say and kiss him. It feels like fireworks are going off. It's the best feeling ever.

"So, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend, even though we don't know single thing about each other." I giggle and answer him. "Of course." I say and he kisses me this time. I smile in the kiss. I love this feeling.

--Years later--

"Jenny, I love you so much. Words will never describe it. I want to be the happiest man on earth with you. So, will you marry me?" he asks. I cover my mouth and my eyes water. He pulls out a beautiful ring. I shake my head. "Yes yes yes yes yes!!!" I say and he puts the ring on my finger. I hug him and we kiss passionately. People clap and a couple whistle. I got married to the guy Iove, and in a perfect place. We break away and he carries me to the car. I giggle and lean into his chest. I love him, and he loves me.


Hope you like it!! I swear that I will try and update more tomorrow!! I'm so sorry guys!! I just wanted you all to know that I'm still alive!! Haha!!! Well bye now!! - NiallerIsMineForever

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