One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


15. Jade and Harry

I get up super happy. Today is me and Harry's 3 year anniversary. We've been married for 3 years! I go downstairs and hug him. "Hey Jade." Harry says. "Hey baby. Remember what today is?" I ask him following him to the island. (It's a counter I. The middle of the kitchen whee you can eat and stuff) "Um, Friday?" He ask eating. My smile fades. Did he forget? Maybe he is just playing with me. "No. It's our 3 year anniversary." I say. "Oh! That's what!" He says looking at me. "So you forgot?" I ask him. "Yeah, I guess so." He says chuckling. I walk off into our room. I can't believe he forgot. I stay in bed all day not moving.

--Harry's P.O.V.--

I head upstairs and change. Jade is sleeping so that's perfect. I change into a nice tuxedo and head out. I get into my car and head to the studio to meet the boys. 

I get there and they are all dressed in their tuxedoes. Good. "You all ready?" I ask them. "Yep." They all say. We head back to my house and stand outside. We stand looking up towards the balcony and the boys are giving the fans candles. I text Jade. Hey baby! Please look over the balcony- xxHarryxx I see her come out onto the balcony and the boys start to hum while Niall plays the guitar. I start to sing and she leans over the balcony. After I finish I see her disappear. Did she like it? I look at Zayn and he shrugs. I look again and see her running towards me. I catch her and spin her around. "Thank you baby." She whispers. "Anything for you. Go get changed so we can go out for dinner." I say. She rushes back into the house I meet her by our car. I drive her to her favorite restruant. It's some French place and it's expensive. Her eyes light up when we park. "Thank you so much baby." She says and gives me a kiss. "Like I said. Anything got you. Nothing is too expensive for you." I lead her in and we sit down down at our table. I smile at her and she smiles back, obviously happy.

We finish dinner and I drive home. "How about we have fun when we get home?" I ask her. She giggles. "Sure. It can be my present to you." I chuckle and kiss the back of her hand. "I love you." I say. "I love you too." She says. 


Sorry it's short. I couldn't really think of anything. I'll do more. Bye! -Niall's lover

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