One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


13. He makes your child sad- Prefence

Harry- "Daddy! Daddy! Look what I made in art today!!" Your 5-year-old, Briana, says happily. "Awesome baby." He says not looking away from the tv. You dry your hands on a towel watching. "But you didn't look at it." She says with her smile fading. "I saw it now go do something." He says looking at the tv still. She walks off and tears the paper into pieces and drops it on the floor. You catch her mumbling, "Daddy still doesn't love me." To herself. You walk infront of Harry blocking the tv. He looks up and smiles at you. "Hey baby, could you please move?" He asks. You cross your arms. "You just made your daughter very sad. You couldn't of at least looked at the picture for a minute? Really?!" You say. "Maybe I didn't want to. Maybe I wanted to look at it later." He says gruffly. "You made Briana really sad....." And walk off, not wanting to fight. You walk up to her room and enter to see her under her blankets crying, clearly heartbroken. "Mommy, does daddy love me?" She asks you. You sit next to her and rub her back. "He loves you a lot. He wanted to never let you go when you were born." You answer. Tears trickle down her face and you comfort her. You two eventually fall asleep. Harry gets up and heads toward the stairs. He stops when he steps on something crumply. He loos down and sees Briana's picture in pieces. He squats down and puts the pieces together. It's a picture of him and her holding hands. He reads what's at the bottom. I love my daddy a lot. I know that he doesn't love me but I love him a lot, even if he hates. Tears escape his eyes and he quietly heads into her room. He sees you two sleeping together. "I don't deserve a family like this...." He says to no one. "Daddy?" Briana says waking up, and waking you up too. "I saw your picture baby, but I think we need to change what it says." And he hugs you and Briana. You smile happy.

Liam- he and the boys come laughing through the door. "Hey y/n." They all say. "Hey guys." Yousay. Your 7- year- old comes running around the corner and clings onto Liam's leg. "Daddy!!!" He cheers. He looks down and the boys laugh at his cuteness. They sit down. "Hey bud, can you go please? Why don't you go play with your new toy car, Micheal?" He says and Micheal lets go of his fathers leg. He stands there looking at his dad. "But, I made something really cool out of Legos..... I wanted to show you....." He whispers to himself and walks out into the backyard. After a while, you decide to ask Micheal if he's hungry. But, you can't find him. You start to panic a little but calm down. "Think Y/N, think....... The backyard!" You exclaim quietly and head out. You see him crying on the swings. "You ok bud?" He looks up and looks back down. "Why don't you just leave me alone like dad. It's obvious neither of you want me.." He says crying more. You sit on the swing next to him. "We both love you with all our hearts." You say rubbing his head a little. "But how come dad ignores me everyday?" You think about everyday for the past week. "I guess he does ignore you.... I don't know why he does." You both quietly swing. The boys leave after a while and Liam looks for you guys. He looks in the play room and sees Micheal's Lego person. It's as tall as him and it's smiling. (Micheal is very creative) Liam smiles and runs around the house. He spots you both in the backyard. He runs to you both and Micheal looks up. "I saw what you made bud. That's really cool." You don't smile but eye him. "What's the point?! You don't care anymore." Liam turns sad and hugs Micheal. "I love you soooo much that words can't describe it." "But you always ignore me." Liam looks at him. "I promise I won't ignore you or mommy anymore." Micheal smiles and hugs his leg again. You chuckle and kiss Liam's nose.

Harry- Harry returns from the bar, drunk. You always told your 9-year-old to give him space when he's drunk or he'll get mad. But she forgot. "Dad! Your home I missed you!" Harry turned around to meet her hugging him. "I missed you too. Can you go please?" She looks at him."But I want to watch tv with you." He gets a little annoyed and mad. "Not now! Later!! Now go away you little brat!!!" You look up from the dishes to see tears streaming down Abbigail's face. Harry's face is a raging red. She runs out the front door. You drop the pan you were hiding.He turns around to you. "What the f*****g s**t are you looking at?!?!" You throw the towel at him."A f*****g a**hole!!!!" You scream at him and run off to find Abbigail. You find her sitting in a tree. "Dad hates me!" She cries. You climb up next to her. "No he doesn't, he's just drunk and he got mad for some reason." She cries into your shirt. Harry calms Down and goes to find you. He spots you in a tree. He sees you holding Abbigail. "Hey baby girl." He says calmly. She tries to scoot away from him. "Don't worry baby girl. I swear I won't hurt you. I'm sorry I yelled at you. I was drunk." He says. You look at her and she looks at Harry. "Promise you won't hurt me?"She asks. He nods. "Never in a million years." A small smile appears on her lips and you get down and then help Abbigail down. They hug and then Harry pulls you in.

Niall- Niall comes in through the door to be greeted by your 3-year-old son. "Daddy!!!" He says and Niall picks him up. "Hey! How's my little boy?!" He says and Ryan giggles. They sit on the couch together and watch tv. You come in and kiss his cheek. "Hey." He says. "Hey, um. You need to go check on Lisa.( Lisa is 14) She said she wants to talk to you." "Ok. Where is she?" "She's in h-" Ryan interrupts you. "Look daddy!!" Niall looks and Ryan climbs onto his lap. "Yeah. Cool!" You sigh. You know he won't get up now. Maybe you can see what she wants. You knock on her bedroom door. "Come in!" She yells. She sounds so sad.You enter and she's a mess. "What's wrong?" You say and sit next to her. "H-he b-br-broke u-up wi-th m-me!!" And she hands me her phone. Over a text. God. "Ok, you could've told me about this." She shakes her head. "I am crying that he broke up with but I wouldn't be this devastated. I'm crying cause I overheard dad say that he thinks Ruan is cuter and I think he likes Ryan better." And she goes into another fit of tears. You hug her. You wipe her tears away. "I can guarantee you that he loves you with all his heart." She won't stop crying and you keep on trying to calm her down. After a while, Ryan gets tired so Niall puts him in his room to sleep. As he's walking back, he hears loud sobs from Lisa's room and peeks through the crack to see what's wrong. He sees Lisa crying and you trying to comfort her. He enters and you both look at him. "Do you love me?" Lisa says after a while. Niall looks hurt. "Of course I love you! I would never not want to love you!!" She sighs. "It just seems like you like Ryan more." "I don't. I love you both equally!!" "Do you promise you'll spend more time with me?" She asks hopefully. "Of course!!" And he tackles you both into a hug. 

Louis- "leave me alone!! Go away for a minute!!" Louis yells at your 6-year-old son, John. He runs off crying. You stand infront of Louis confused. "What was that for?" You ask hoping he won't yell again. "He kept bothering me!! I just want a couple of minutes to myself!! Ahhhhh!!" He yells, "so just leave me alone for a while!!!!!" He yells at you. You cringe away and a tear escapes. He sees the tear and tries to comfort you. You shake your head and back up. "You said you need time alone, you got it." And you run upstairs. "Y/N......" Louis says. You shut your door and cry into your pillow. You stop for a minute to gather yourself and you hear quiet sobs. You get up and you open your closet and you see John on the floor behind shoes, crying. You pick him up and carry him to your bed. "It's ok bud, it's going to be ok." You say to him soothingly. He silently cries into your chest. Louis comes in but you don't notice. "It's going to be ok, it's goi-" Louis interrupts you. "Yeah, it's going to be ok cause I'm so sorry. I never ment to yell at you buddy. Y/N I'm sorry I yelled at you too." John looks at him. "Sorry I annoyed you. I was excited that you were finally home." John says. Louis sits across from you and pulls John onto his lap. "Can you forgive me, Y/N and Johnny?" He says looking at you then John. "Of course." You say and plant a light kiss on his nose. He looks at john. "Yes daddy." And he pokes Louis's nose. Louis turns all sassy. "You just did NOT poke my nose!" You all laugh.

Zayn- "please teach how to play Baseball?" Your 10-year -old some begs Zayn. "Later Joseph." "But you've been saying that for the past hour." He complains. "Later I promise." He sighs and walks off into the backyard. "Zayn c'mon. You've been saying later for the past 2 hours. Get up." You say and grab his phone. He grabs his phone back. He scares you when he gets mad. "I don't want to right now Y/N!!!!" He bellows. "At least start to." And you guys start to fight. Joseph stops you both. "Just stop fighting. I don't want to play anymore. I threw my bat and mitt out. It's fine." He says the last sentence as a whisper. You walk over to him. "We'll stop fighting, you don't have to throw yo-" "I'm sorry Joseph. I am going to try and teach you baseball, even though I have no clue what it is. So go your stuff." Zayn says. You smile at him. Joseph's eyes light up and he rushes out to get his stuff. You kiss Zayn and he goes out back to teach him. You lean against the door frame and watch them.


Hope you like this prefence. I'll make more and do more imagines too. Bye! - Niall's lover

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