One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


17. He makes you feel insecure- Prefence

Liam- you walk into your shared flat after a very stressful day. You kept getting hate from fans. They kept saying things like, 'your so fat and ugly' or 'your worthless! Go to h***!' You see Liam sitting on the couch watching tv. "Hey baby." "Hey." You sit down next to him. You cuddle up with him and tell him about the hate. "Don't listen to them. They are just jealous." He says. You go up to your shared room and change into sweats. You look at yourself in the mirror. 'I am fat and ugly' you think. You sigh and sit on the bed. You go downstairs but stop when you hear Liam talking about you. "Yeah, she is always sad and is so insecure about herself. Like why can't she just suck it up for once? Like c'mon, I can't always make her feel better." He turns around to see you standing there. "That's how you think of me?! Always sad and insecure?! Well sorry I worry too much about how I look, Liam." You storm out of the flat, really mad.

Louis- "Hey Y/N! How about we go to the beach today?!" He says jumping on you to wake you up. You groan. "GET UP!!!" He yells. "Ok ok! I'm up! Yeah sure, that's sounds fun." And you hurriedly get dressed in your bathing suit. You decide to go with a simple two piece, black with white polka dots suit. You slip a little cover up dress over and help Louis load the car. You get there and see the boys playing. You help unload and you go swim. "I'll be right back baby." You tell Louis as you head off to find the bathroom. You finsh and come back but stop. You hear Louis talking to Liam about you. "But it is a little snug on her." Louis says. "You don't like that? Most men do." Liam tells him. "I know, but, most of her clothes aren't fitting right. They are too small on her." Louis says and gets up to gets. Drink but regrets it. "So...." "I heard it all. You think I'm getting fat, don't you?! Don't deny it, I heard you Louis." And you storm off to the car and drive away.

Harry- "I just don't think she has the body for it." You hear Harry tell someone over the phone. You just got this big modeling offer and wanted to talk to Harry about it, but now, you know what he thinks. "I'm not calling her fat, I'm saying she doesn't have that figure that mostly every model has. This makes fresh tears spring at your eyes. He chuckles. "Yeah, I'll talk to you later." He hangs up and you walk over to him. "Hey Y/N." He says. You don't move or answer him. "You ok?" He asks. "Am I ok? I'm surprised you aren't trying to fix my figure." You say. His face drops and he goes pale. "Yeah, I heard you." "I never ment a word of it. I swear!" He says. "Yeah, ok. But what did you find so funny?!" You ask him madly. He looks down. "That's what I thought.... I will come back for my stuff on Friday." And you leave.

Niall- you jump up and down excited. You just got some soccer tickets for Niall and can't wait to give it to him. "Hey baby!!" You say happy. "Hey, hi, yeah yeah." He says and heads into the kitchen. You see him grab a beer and chug it. "You ok?" You ask worried. "Yeah, just tired." "I don't think beer will help." And you snatch it away from him. You run away and hide it. You run back happy and giddy and see him with another. He sits down on the couch and you ruffle his hair. "Pleae stop Y/N." He whines. You run off and go look for the tickets. As your walking back you hear him in the bathroom talking on the phone. "Yeah but she is so hyper! It's like taking care of a child hyped up on sugar. Like for gods sake, calm down!" He laughs and hangs up. He walks out and sees you with the tickets. "You think I'm a hyper child?! Maybe I was just so excited to give you these." And you shove them at him and turn away. You walk out to the backyard and slump down Into a lawn chair. Niall doesn't come out and he thinks it will blow over in a couple of hours. You don't go with him to the game and when he gets home, he can't find you. 

Zayn- "Ut doesn't fit? It's your size though...." Zayn says walking over to you. You have stopped eating and started working out too much. You get hate and everybody calls you fat. So, you plan to get thinner. He pokes your side and you flinch in pain. "Ow." You tell him. "What's wrong?" He asks. Tears fall and you sob into his chest while telling him about what your doing. "It's ok. I'll help you in anyway I can." He leaves you to go make you something. He gets a call and you can here him talking for in the room. "Yeah... She's not eating li-...... I guess so..... But she is too skinny. I thought she was fine before but then she changed and she super skinny........ No no, I think girls are cute when they don't do that. Like I'm trying to help her but I don't know how and i don't know anymore.... Yeha whatever bye." He hangs up and brings you down food. "I made y- why are you crying?!" He asks than goes pale. "I never meant word. I swear on my life." He tells you. "Ok, sure. If you like girls who aren't like me, the. Go ahead and find yourself a new one if that's what you want." And you storm out of the house and just run.


Sorry it sucks badly. Also the Harry and Niall, I got them off of tumblr. Just puttin that put there and giving her credit. Well bye! - Niall's lover

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