One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


14. Bella and Louis

"Honey, hurry up you'll be late for school!" My mom yells at me. I gulp and do my last cut. I count them. 1..2..3...4. Four each wrist. I sigh and grab my phone and hurry downstairs. "Here's some waffles." "Thanks." I mumble and gulp them down. I down my orange juice too. I grab my bookbag and headphones and head out the door. I like to walk to school. It's so peaceful. I start to play some music and sing along. I see somebody across the street. Well, three people. Oh s***! It's my bullies!! I keep my head down and pretend not to notice. I make it to school without them noticing. Thank god!

I walk to my first class and sit down in the back. People are trickling in before the bell. I take out my blade that I always carry, and so one cut on each wrist. I wipe the blade and bury it in my bookbag while pulling band aids out. I put my English book on my desk and start the assignment. Somebody talks to me. "You know, it's not good to be cutting." And points to my cuts. "Why would you care?" I say and look at him. It's Louis Tomlinson! The most popular kid in school. Oh well, he doesn't really care. I continue my work. He sighs and continues too. 

The bell rings and I rush out not wanting to get bullied. "Hey!" I hear a voice call. I turn around and I see Lilly and her gang come towards me. "What are you doing, b****?" A couple giggle. "Going to my locker." I say quietly. "What did you say, you ugly piece of s***?" And a couple giggle again. She grabs my hair and pulls my head up. She let's go and walks off and some of th kick me in the shins. I limp to era my locker only to be shoved into it. God!! I look and I see Ryan, Joseph,  and Nate. And  Louis in the background. I knew he didn't care. "Oh clumsy Bella." And the chuckle but Louis doesn't. "Where you going, ugly and fat a**hole?" And they laugh. A couple of people are staring but don't dare come near. Happens everyday. "My locker." I say and gulp terrified. "Well we're going to change those plans." And they shove me down hard. The kick my stomach and back. Someone shoves me up against the locker. The slap and punch me twice. I know I have a black eye and a swollen bottom lip. The bell rings. "Bye Bella the b****." The say and walk off laughing. 

I dong bother going to class. I slump against the lockers and cry quietly into my hands. I don't get my blade I don't get help, I just sit and cry. Today was a lot worse. Lilly usually doesn't bully me and the boys just kick me a few times. I hear footsteps and look up to see Louis through my tears. I dry my eyes and get up shakily. I tries to steady me but I shrink away. "Why are you here? Is it because you didn't get to bully me?" He looks at me and walks over to me. He puts one of my arms around his neck and helps me outside. "Do you um, have a car?" I nod no. He helps me into his car. "Where do you live?" "Down like three blocks." I say. He begins to drive and he starts to ask my questions with his perfect voice. "So you walk three blocks to school everyday?! Wow!" I sigh. "It's good cause I'm fat. So it works out." He stares at me at a red light. "What?" I croak nervously. "Your not fat. I can practically see your ribs. That's really unhealthy." He says and drives when it's green.

we get to my house and thank god my mom isn't home. I struggle with the car door but Louis gets to it. I get put and he puts a hand around my waist. I look down blushing a little. He helps me inside and I go into the kitchen to get an ice pack. " Would you mind if I stayed?" He asked. "No, can I get you something?" I ask. "Coke?" I smile. "Sure." And get two. We sit on the couch and watch tv while he asks me questions too. And I ask him some. He uses the bathroom and I quickly rush upstairs. I skid to a stop in my bathroom and raid it looking for my blades. I find them and shakily drag it across my skin. I run out of room on my wrists so I lift up my shirt. The blade hits the skin but doesn't cut because I hear Louis's voice. "Bella?" I drop the blade and slowly shrink down aging the sink cabinet. I cry quietly into my hands. He walks over to me and sits next to me. He rubs my back while I cry into his chest. "Don't cut cause I think you are absolutely beautiful in every way." He says and I look at him in disbelief. 

"Sure." I say sarcastically. He kisses the top of my head. "I've had a crush on you for the longest time but if I told anybody I know that it would cause problems for you so I was always waiting for the right time to tell you." He says. I look up at him. "I-I've like-liked you f-for a-a l-l-long time t-too." I say. He smiles and pulls me in for a kiss. We pull away and we stare at eachother for a while. "Oh I'm so sorry." And we stand up and I catch his arm. "No no I lived that." He smiles at me. "Ok well, if you be my girlfriend, you can get a lot more." "I'd love to be your girlfriend." And we kiss again. "Just promise me this, will you try and stop cutting?" I sigh and look at him. "Ok, I'll try." He smiles and we kiss again. "I truly, honestly love you Bella." Louis says while catching his breath. "I also truly, honestly live you Louis." He smile and head downstairs to watch more tv. But we end up having 2 make out sessions and lots of kissing. Maybe my life just got a little better.


I hope you like this Bella. And I just want you to know, Bella, that there are people out there who love you so much. Stay strong. You can do it, put down that razor or blade. In going through some tough times too. My friend was mean to my mom at my party and she's mean to my best friend. (since I'm smaller than everybody else at the school) I got mad at her but she didn't know and I used my hand to stomp on her foot but she's like "your fingers are so weak" so I turned around and say their glumly. I felt crying. And when u got home, I wanted to grab a knife and cut myself, but I didn't. Cause I know that there are people who love me. So next, guys, if you want to cut, there are lots of people who love you. - Niall's lover

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