One Direction Imagines

Ok. So I'm doing imagines again. So I will do dirty things but not too dirty. The first chapter will tell you what I need to know. Well, I hope I get to write as many as possible!


10. #2 Louis

--Your P.O.V.--

You and my handsome boyfriend,Louis,are taking a walk in the park. "It's so pretty," he says out of the blue,"like somebody I know." You look down, blushing. "T-th-thanks." You mumble to him. He stops and you stop with him. You give him a confused look. "What Boo Bear?" You ask him. He shakes his head and turns around and walks in the opposite direction. You look back and see a group of girls laughing and talking. One of them is eyeing you and Louis. You turn your head back around and walk back to your shared flat with Louis. 

You get home, take your shoes and jacket off, a and you both sit on the couch. He starts to kiss your neck but you stop him. "What?" He says annoyed a little. "What was that about? Why did you turn around?" You ask him. He sighs and goes into the kitchen. "Not now Y/N." He calls. You get up and follow him. "No!" You say, a little more commanding. He turns around and looks at you with a raised eyebrow. "No? No?!" He yells. You take a step back and he takes a step forward. "I don't want to tell you yet! Maybe another time!" He yells. "Sorry. I just wanted to know." You say barely above a whisper. That ticks him off. "YOU ALWAYS WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!" He screams at you. His face is red and he's sweating a little. "YOUR ALWAYS CURIOUS!!YOU WANT TO KNOW THIS AND YOU WANT TO KNOW THAT!!! MAYBE I DINT WANT TO TELL YOU CAUSE IT MIGHT HURT YOU!!!!!" He bellows and then you can't believe he does this. He punches, punches, you in the jaw. You stumble back into the couch. You feel your lip and you can tell it's swollen. You look at him hurt, surprised, and confused. You rush to the front door and grab your shoes and jacket. You rush out to your car and start the engine. "What a fuck! Why did I ever date him?" you think angrily. You see Louis rush out of the flat. He runs over to your car and opens the door. "Please don't leave!! I'm so so so....." He keeps saying. You stop him. You point to your jaw. "You did this. And you think I'm too curious. You said it yourself. But, I am the one that ticked you off. I seem to always tick you off. So maybe it's just the best that we don't see each other anymore." You say and with that, you close your door, and drive away. Never to return to him. Never to see him again. You feel a tear roll down your cheek. 

-2 Years Later-

Your in college, studying Y/J (your job). You have a part time job at a diner. Right now, your at Starbucks getting a coffee. You get your coffee and sit down and continue with your papers for college. "Ex-excuse me?" Someone says. You look up and see him. The guy that hurt you. The guy that used to love you, and who you used to love. You look back down and continue on your papers. "Y/N?" He says. You look up at him and cross your arms as you lean back in the chair. You sigh. "Yes?" You ask, not wanting to talk to him. "C-can I-I-I t-talk to y-you, please?" You look at your watch. 3:00. "Yeah, I guess so." You say and look back at him. "Can we go somewhere private?" He looks at you with pleading eyes. You sigh again. "Fine." You grab your papers and coffee and head out to your car. You hop in and follow him.

He leads you to his flat. Well the one you used to share. You get out and you follow him in. You both sit on the couch and he tries to hold your hand but you jerk it away. He looks away. You  look into the kitchen and memories flood into your mind. Him kissing you, him hugging you, making cookies but burnt them, and then, the worst one that caused all of this. Him punching you. Tears form behind your eyes but you have learnt to be strong. "Y/N?" He asks. You look at him. "I've wanted to say this for a long t-time. I'm really sorry. Super sorry. I can't live without you. I barely eat and barely do anything. I never ever meant to hurt you. So please be mine again?" He begs. Ummmmmmm........... You shrug your shoulders. "Oh please?! I love you way too much." He says looking into your eyes. Your mind is screaming I want to be yours again!!!!!! But your heart says no. My gut says something else. I don't know. But you do still love him. You do really miss him. You sigh and look back into his eyes. "Yes, I'll be your girlfriend." You say slowly. He jumps up and does a little dance. He pulls me up and kisses me. You've missed this! You pull away and say something. "Please don't leave or hurt me again." He smile. "Never ever." He says and continues to kiss you. 

You never got your stuff so you spend the night with him. "I love you soooo much." He mumbles. "Me too." You say and you fall asleep in his arms. 


Hey I hope you all like this imagine. School was canceled cause it snowed last night. Bye -Niall's lover

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